Space Grunts

In just a few days a new roguelike game from developer Orangepixel is going to be released on the App Store and the team has recently released a brand new trailer to show everything there is to know about it.

The new game from Orangepixel will be called Space Grunts and it will be a roguelike game where players will have to explore a base infested by all manners of enemies. Players will be taking on enemies in a turn based combat system while avoiding hazards and generally trying to stay alive.


In true roguelike fashion, Space Grunts will feature different classes sporting different stats and abilities. Battle options are made even better by the variety of weapons that will be included in the game such as short range weapons, long range weapons, destructive weapons like the flamethrower and all sorts of technological equipment.

Seeing Space Grunts in action speaks louder than a thousand words so you can check out the new trailer right below to learn more about the game.

Space Grunts will be released next month on the App Store. The game will be released next week on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.




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