Into The Dim

A really interesting roguelike is going to be released on the App Store, a new game featuring a very interesting graphical style and solid gameplay experience.

The new game is called Into The Dim and it’s been developed by Happymagenta, the team behind other iOS games such as Cube Koala and Fist of Fury. In the new game by the team, players will control a young boy as he explores a variety of locations completing puzzles and defeating enemies in the process. Players will be able to use several different weapons such as bombs and bulletts so enemies won’t have an easy time.

Being a roguelike game, Into The Dim is a turn based affair so players will have to think long and hard about their next move. As ammo is also limited, every move can potentially be the last.

Into The Dim will be released on the App Store in all regions on December 16th. We will let you know if anything changes about the game’s release date as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news. You can learn more about Into The Dim by checking out the trailer right below.



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