Become the ultimate mountain climber in Rocky Climb, a simple yet challenging one-touch game in which you brave the tallest mountains! You’ll need quick reflexes and good timing to make it up these mountains in one piece, and our Rocky Climb cheats and tips will help you with that!

Rocky Climb is pretty simple game, but it’s very addicting because we wanted to see how high we could climb! You’re probably in the same boat, so let’s get to climbing with our Rocky Climb cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t rush your next grab!

Your beefy climber guy can actually hold onto his current rock for about two and half full rotations before he falls off to his doom. This means that you don’t need to rush your grabs and do them in succession. If it helps you, you can wait a bit and grab the rock on your next rotation. Just remember to watch the rotations – wait too long and you’ll let go automatically!

Watch out for the cracked rocks!

Certain rocks will have a big cracks in them. Be sure not to grab these or else your climber will immediately fall off! This is also why it helps to not rush and pay attention, or else you might grab one of these loose rocks on accident.

Go for the shorter path!

Once you climb the first mountain, the next set of mountains will have trickier paths. You’ll start to notice that the way up isn’t as straightforward, and there will be times where there are multiple rocks to grab. Try to grab the one that’s the highest so that you make your climb a little shorter, even if by a bit.

Complete the missions!

Missions are tasks that require you to accomplish certain feats like climb a certain distance, reach a number of checkpoints, and so forth. Completing a mission rewards you with precious gems, the premium currency you can spend on new outfits.

You’ll notice that the missions actually come in waves, and completing an entire wave of missions grants you a whopping 100 gems! You’ll have to wait a couple of hours for the next wave.

The different outfits you can customize your climber with don’t actually change anything, but it’s fun anyways!

Grab the rocks with perfect timing!

If your timing is spot on when you grab a rock, you’ll see a little “perfect!” pop up, accompanied by a different sound effect. Perfect grabs don’t really change much about your climbing, but they do net you two points instead of the usual one. If you really want to climb the leaderboards in Rocky Climb, you’ll need to master perfect climbing!

That’s all for Rocky Climb! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Why do I keep losing my stats in this game? Periodically it puts me to brand new status.
    How to find my first game?

    Thanks in advance if you all could help


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