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Rocket Valley Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Rocket Valley Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

It’s a global space race! Rocket Valley Tycoon is a resource management simulator in which you build the materials necessary to build a rocket and fly to the moon! While it sounds extravagant, you will need to start from the very bottom which means you will be working with plain materials like wood and coal. Our Rocket Valley Tycoon cheats and tips will show you how to be efficient with your base expansion and resource business!

Rocket Valley Tycoon is all about efficiency and building smart, so take your time and read up on our Rocket Valley Tycoon cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Look out for the exclamation marks!

If a factory or extractor has an exclamation mark over it, that means something is running at less than optimal performance. Tap the building in question to see what is going on exactly, and deal with it accordingly. Extractors will tell you if they are not meeting the demand of nearby factories, and factories will notify you if they cannot keep up with the amount of resources they are getting.

Keep leveling up!

Most of these problems with your buildings can be solved by simply leveling up them up. Every time a building levels up their efficiency increases, meaning that they can process more materials at a faster rate and hold onto more should the need arise. The amount of money is takes to level up a building depends on the resource that is on that tile. You should upgrade the cheaper resources a bunch of times, like Wood and Copper.

Edit your train routes for new buildings!

Remember those trains you made in the tutorial? They are only going from the stations that you initially set them to. You will eventually need to build more stations and tracks, but make sure that you edit your routes accordingly. If you extend a track, you can edit a train’s route to make sure it hits up all of the nearby buildings. To minimize wasted money, try to plan out your tracks before you actually set them down, and as always, be aware of the resources you are building over!

Follow the Tech Tree!

Your Tech Tree is constantly expanding as you discover new resources and refine those into materials. If you are ever unsure of what to work towards next, just take a look at your tech tree and you should be able to see what you can unlock next. The better recipes mean more coins, so work down the tech tree at your own pace.

Don’t forget about your City quests!

Remember: cities boost the amount of coins your buildings earn, so they are incredibly valuable. This effect can be boosted if you build a good relationship with the city, and this is done by completing quests for them. Every so often a city will ask you for a certain resource, and providing them with it will increase your friendship level. This is the key to bringing in the big bucks!

Bulldoze to start anew!

Trust us when we say that you are going to have many moments where you see something in your layout that can be improved. In cases like this, do not hesitate to use the bulldoze function and build anew. Remember that while upgrading a building is always helpful, try not to invest too much into a building until you know for sure that it is in the best place.

That’s all for Rocket Valley Tycoon. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Rocket Valley Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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