Rocket League Sideswipe Tips and Tricks

All Secret Codes in Rocket League Sideswipe (January 2022)

If you have some experience playing Rocket League Sideswipe, you know that there are multiple tips and tricks that one will never see in the manual. The players can be super fast knowing them all!

That is why we have prepared the best techniques to level up your skills. Read this guide carefully and dive into the exciting process of playing like a champion! Have fun!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Rocket League Sideswipe

For the first, we recommend unlocking the hidden Jump-Boost button. Just enter the settings and hit Configure.

The second recommendation is to make your car spin for freestyling. Just aim upwards and boot up to get off the ground after that. Then let go of your joystick and grab it in the upwards direction one more time.

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The third thing worth doing is feathering one’s boost for more extended airtime. Quickly click the boost button, make sure not to hold it.

The fourth tip is flipping for powerful shots. Make sure to come super close to the ball, and only after that do a flip.

The fifth recommendation is not to flip unnecessary.

The sixth piece of advice is to dash past the opponents as the game starts. We highly recommend boosting the ball that second once the round begins. Right after that, do a half-front flip and hit the Jump-Boost button.

The seventh thing worth doing is using the Jump-Boost at the beginning. Your actions will be like in the previous recommendation; still, here, you will not need to flip but keep hitting the Jump-Boost button, again and again, being in constant contact with the ground and leaving it.

So, these are the tips for you to level up your skills in Rocket League Sideswipe and become a champion! Follow them to succeed!

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Rocket League Sideswipe Tips and Tricks


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