Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops Guide: Kickoffs, Tips and Cheats

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Rocket League Sideswipe is the baby sibling of the fast-paced competitive team game Rocket League, played on PS4, XBox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac platforms. Sideswipe may be on a smaller screen but the vehicular-based sports game is just as addictive! Face-off with your opponent in a 1v1 or 2v2 match, playing soccer or basketball, controlling your car as it boosts, spins, and jumps. The soccer element of the game is well-known, but what are the tricks to a decent game of Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops? Find out below.

rocket league sideswipe hoops
Rocket League Sideswipe (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops Tips & Tricks

Basic Tips:

  • Make your own car stand out so you can easily see where you are during a manic match or swiping and tapping! Change the way your Topper, Wheels, and Boost look with items you unlock or purchase.
  • Practice in Training Mode. This is the sort of game where you will need to practice to perfect those all important moves. Training Mode offers 3 types of practice: Freeplay to hone your skill, Exhibition to play against bots, and Tutorial to teach you the basics.
rocket league sideswipe training mode
Rocket League Sideswipe (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)
  • Keep your cool. Don’t play too aggressively and take your time to watch your opponent’s gameplay style. If they play on the offensive, frustrate them by being quick to defend their goal attempts. If they play defensively, you may have to run the ball towards their goal, then switch around quickly to take a shot at your own.
  • Don’t be selfish with the ball. If your opponent has a good position, pass them the ball for a chance at scoring. You may be after an MVP (Most Valuable Player) accolade but don’t let that get in the way of acting like a team.
rocket league sideswipe hoops
Rocket League Sideswipe (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Tips for Playing Hoops:

  • Be ready to defend your hoop if the opposition is on the attack. Speed into your hoop, and jump up at the incoming ball to save them from scoring.
  • Stay coordinated with your teammate. If they are on the offensive, you switch to defence, and vice versa. If one of you defends your hoop, the other should be ready to drive the ball to the other side and attempt to score while the opposition are panicking.
rocket league sideswipe hoops
Rocket League Sideswipe (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)
  • Shoot upward. Hoops have a net that acts as a forcefield and the only way to score is to get the ball up and over the hoop- just like in basketball. Practice spiking the ball upward as you approach the hoop. Get the right angle and you will score easily- as long as the opposition aren’t ready to defend their hoop!
  • Be ready to come at the hoop at an odd angle if you want to keep your opponent on their toes. If you stay unpredictable with your moves they won’t be able to defend very easily.

The main trick that separates the casual player from the MVP is lots of practice! Be ready to put the time in to perfect your moves and learn how others play, and you will be guaranteed to be a master baller in no time! Good luck.

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Rocket League Sideswipe Hoops Guide: Kickoffs, Tips and Cheats


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