Rocket Cars came out of nowhere from Mr. Crab developers Illusion Labs and took the world by storm with its amazingly addictive gameplay and challenging tracks. I played and played and then played some more and now I am here to share with you a complete set of Rocket Cars cheats and tips to help you get the most out of the game and get the three stars in each level. It’s not that difficult as it might seem at first!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s find out together how to win at this game by checking out below Touch Tap Play’s Rocket Cars tips and cheats!

1. The time lapse cheat
If you don’t want to wait for your energy to replenish, you can try a little trick that might or might not work (but it’s worth trying anyway): it’s called the time lapse cheat and in order to do it, all you have to do is to head over to your device’s settings and simply set the time forward by 60 minutes. When you get back to the game, your energy will be replenished! We need confirmation if this works or not! Alternately, you can purchase the Infinite Energy in the store and never worry about energy ever!

2. Don’t focus too much on the stars at first
You can easily complete the first 7 levels (up to the first game) without a problem and get the three stars and even if you don’t, you shouldn’t care too much. Just go through the levels and unlock as many as possible and get your coin rewards – you can always check back after you have upgraded your cars and master the races. It is a lot easier this way!

3. Focus on completing the missions & daily challenge
Every day, you will get a daily challenge and if you complete it, you unlock the rewards. You start pretty slow with a bunch of coins, but after day 4, you will win a ton of diamonds which can help you easily unlock new cars. Also, you should always check out your missions and focus your driving on completing those as they will help you get more coins for car upgrades.

4. How to upgrade your cars.
Although you can’t win without upgrading your first buggy car a few times, I would suggest you don’t focus on it for too long. The next vehicle is just 15 diamonds and you can easily get those (for example, if you connect on Facebook) – and you should then focus on the second buggy which has better stats.

However, you should upgrade the Monster Truck, because the next car in that category is 80 Diamonds and those are a bit more difficult to get. I would suggest focusing on Speed and Grip because they help you win the races, but a bit of extra acceleration doesn’t hurt, especially in the case of the Monster Truck.

5. You can upgrade the in-race boosts
During the races, you can find boosters like missiles, magnets and so on. You can increase the duration of these boosters too: simply tap the Store button in the main menu (where you select your levels) and you can upgrade them. However, I would suggest to start investing in them only after you have maxed out your cars, because raw power for your vehicles is better than those boosters upgraded.

6. Replay races to learn the tracks
When you have a solid car and you are sure that you can get the three stars, you should replay the same race over and over again to learn about all the turns and twists and difficult areas. Master a track and you will get the three stars easily!

7. Tricks give you a ton of points
Try to never avoid the launch pads that get you in the air and always go for tricks when in the air because they give you extra points at the end of the race. You can also combine tricks: swipe to the left, then swipe upwards in the air for a trick combo and even more points! But have in mind that you won’t always have enough air time to complete combos, so make sure your timing is right!

These are for now our Rocket Cars cheats and tips. If you have extra strategies that work, let us know by commenting below!


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