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Roblox Project Delta Hidden Caches

Roblox Project Delta Hidden Caches
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Why do we go outside in Project Delta? Why, for the loot, of course! That and quests, but those are besides the point here. Hidden caches in Project Delta represent great opportunities to stock up on some essentials.

There’s no shortage of hidden caches in Project Delta, especially if you don’t venture too far south. Here’s our overview of all Project Delta hidden cache locations. Also, if you want an easier way to haul all that loot, check out the vehicle spawn locations in Project Delta!

All hidden caches in Project Delta

Hidden cache locations in Project Delta
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While hidden caches in Project Delta are found near prominent locations, the caches are hidden by definition. In other words, these locations don’t have names, so we’ll refer to them by map sectors where they can be found:

  • C2, southeast of the Lumberyard vehicle spawn point
  • E5, northwest of the Swamp location
  • F5, near an outhouse
  • F6, near the eastern lake shore
  • F17, near the Castle extraction point
  • G7, near a rock crevice
  • G10 (two hidden caches), near the red garage and near a house
  • G12, buried in the sand near a watchtower
  • G15, where the grass meets the rocks
  • G17, near the center of the island
  • H5, close to the metal fence
  • H22, close to a bridge
  • H23, close to a parking lot
  • I8, near a rock crevice
  • I11, near a rock crevice
  • K6 (two hidden caches), inside two separate shipping containers
  • K20, near a wall entrance
  • K22, near a rock crevice
  • K23, near a structure made of concrete
  • L3, at the wooden log
  • L19, near a wall entrance
  • L21 (two hidden caches), near the pipeline and near the garage fence
  • L22, near the pipeline
  • M8, in a shipping container
  • M9, near the destroyed tank’s engine
  • N6, near the targets, in the bush
  • O15, on a small island
  • P7, close to the destroyed tank
  • P15, on a small island

Hidden caches contain weapons, weapon parts, ammo, equipment, wearables, and junk items for crafting. Simply put, they’re more than worth your while! Just make sure you’re either alone in the map area or well-armed when you go to pick up the loot, as all caches are highly contested.

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