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Roblox Project Delta Extraction Points

Roblox Project Delta Extraction Points
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Venturing out into the Project Delta wasteland is as dangerous as it is rewarding. That’s why you need to know where to exit the map at all times. Luckily, the game provides extraction points near all important areas of the map.

If you want to bring all of the loot gathered during your exploits, remembering the extraction points will be crucial. You’ll also want to check out our article on spawn points in Project Delta to flesh out the perfect exit strategy.

All extraction points in Project Delta

All extraction points in Project Delta
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Extraction points in Project Delta are probably the most important points on the map. They are how you get away after a successful looting session—or how you escape pursuing hostiles. That’s precisely why the currently existing extraction points cover most of the map. Noted, the northern part has more ways to exit the overworld, but the Airfield extraction point in the south is much appreciated!

  • Lumberyard Car (Map location: right above A4)
  • Boat (Map location: D8)
  • Lumber Road (Map location: E0)
  • Swamp (Map location: E5)
  • Castle (Map location: E17)
  • Village Beach (Map location: G12)
  • Harbor (Map location: H19)
  • Lighthouse (Map location: I22)
  • Road (Map location: J1)
  • Anomaly (Map location: K13)
  • Campfire (Map location: L3)
  • Harbor (Map location: N20)
  • Burning Car (Map location: T12)
  • Airfield (Map location: X3)

There are several key locations that lack nearby extraction points. For instance, you’ll find no exit areas at the center of the mainland portion of the map. This means that, if you’re adventuring in the Quarry, Radio, or even the Village, you’ll have a long way to go before reaching safety.

Of the three key locations without direct extraction points, the Village is the easiest to handle. You can head north and reach the Boat extraction point with relative ease, and the same goes for the Village Beach in the east. However, if you find yourself at the other two locations, it would be best to run away immediately—unless you’re a proficient player with good gear!

This concludes our report on the extraction points in Project Delta. Note that the game is still developing, so more extraction points may be added in the future. However, having too many exit points could make Project Delta too easy, which would defeat the game’s purpose, so don’t expect dozens of new additions!

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Roblox Project Delta Extraction Points