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Roblox Project Delta—All Satchel Bag Locations

Roblox Project Delta—All Satchel Bag Locations
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If you’re looking for some quick, handy loot in Project Delta, satchel bags will be just what you need. These handy loot containers are relatively rare but can yield several valuable items. If you’re near one in the wasteland, you shouldn’t miss picking it up!

The following are all locations of satchel bags in Project Delta. These aren’t as widespread as hidden caches, which you can find listed in our article, so they represent quite a find. Let’s check out where to find Project Delta satchel bags!

All satchel bags in Project Delta

All satchel bag locations in Project Delta
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Satchel bags in Project Delta are mostly concentrated around the Airport and Quarry areas, although there are some to be found at the Swamp, Fueling Station, Village, and Harbor. Here’s a complete list of Project Delta satchel bags:

  • Lumberyard (Map location: B4)
  • Swamp (Map location: E5)
  • Village (Map location: G10)
  • Village Beach Green Car (Map location: G12)
  • Cave (Map location: H1)
  • Fueling Station Office (Map location: H5)
  • Fueling Station Tent (Map location: H6)
  • Harbor Containers Room (Map location: I19)
  • Anomaly Satchel (Map location: K12)
  • Harbor Container Room (Map location: K19)
  • 05 Bunker Tent (Map location: O4)
  • Quarry Beach (Map location: Q5)
  • Quarry Container Room (Map location: S6, same sector as the Quarry Checkpoint satchel bag)
  • Quarry Checkpoint (Map location: S6, same sector as the Quarry Container Room satchel bag)
  • Airfield Campsite (Map location: T4)
  • Airfield Checkpoint (Map location: W6)
  • Airfield Tent (Map location: X2, same sector as the Airfield Container satchel bag)
  • Airfield Container (Map location: X2, same sector as the Airfield Tent satchel bag)
  • 1st Floor (Map location: X6)
  • Airfield Container (Map location: X7)

In terms of loot, satchel bags often contain maps and lighters, both of which can come in quite handy. More importantly, satchel bags may spawn keys to crucial locations like the Fueling Station, Lighthouse, and Airfield Tunnels. In other words, finding a satchel bag can open up even more exploration and lead to high-value prizes.

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Roblox Project Delta—All Satchel Bag Locations