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Mighty Omega is a Roblox fighting game based on the popular anime Kengan Ashura, and includes references to other anime and fighting games! Players must know how to get in shape, learn all the moves you need, and so much more. All this information is available for noobs and regular players alike at the Roblox Mighty Omega Trello boards. Find what you need below in our guide to Roblox Mighty Omega Trello link and Wiki!

Roblox Mighty Omega Trello Wiki Link Guide

The Roblox Mighty Omega Trello boards have all the information you will need to get set up when you first start playing. Begin with learning the combat skills to make sure you are not wasting time waiting for cooldowns to end!

The first section includes the basics such as:

  • Combat and Controls
  • Hunger and Calories
  • Muscle and Fat Loss
  • Height
  • Traits
  • Jobs and Income
  • Bus Stops
  • ATMs
  • Beds
  • Combat Logging
Roblox Mighty Omega (via Trello)

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Learning the basics is important for any player, not just noobs, but once you have those you may want to explore the game in more detail. The rest of the Trello guides show players sections on the following subjects:

  • Clans
  • Discord Link
  • Training and Stats
  • Styles
  • Gyms for Styles
  • Cosmetic Stances for Rhythms
  • Locations and Shop
  • The Kengan association
  • Territories
  • Transformations
  • Ranked
  • The Challenge of 100
  • The Challenge of 200
  • Skills
  • Challenge of 200 Techniques
  • Recipes
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the link to the Roblox Mighty mega Trello Wiki below:

That is all you need to know about getting the information you need from Roblox Mighty Omega Trello Wiki boards. Next up, why not check out the Roblox Project Baki II Trello link for information on another popular anime fighting game! Good luck.

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Roblox Mighty Omega Trello Link and Wiki


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