Roblox Bedwars: How to Beat the Crypt Trials


Roblox Bedwars is one of the most popular games on this platform and it has an interesting event called Crypt Trials. It allows you to play some exciting levels and fight against a tough boss. According to the latest reports, some players are unable to complete this challenge, and today we are going to help them. This guide will tell you how to beat the Crypt Trials in Roblox Bedwars.

How to Beat the Crypt Trials in Roblox Bedwars

The Crypt Trials in Roblox Bedwars is a special event that allows you to play some interesting levels. If you beat them you will receive some valuable rewards. So, today we are going to tell you about this challenge and how to complete it.

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The Crypt Trials are divided into a few sections and you will need to complete them one by one. The first section requires you to explore a small graveyard. There you will see a few gravestones and each of them will have three pictures. Also, there will be the boss that will try to kill you and you will need to avoid it. The level requires you to search for clues across the entire graveyard. You will have to find three pictures that will show you which gravestone you should use to complete the level.

The second section will put you in a huge maze. One of the players will spawn in a special room with a small copy of this maze. This user will be able to see other players and the special skull markers. Also, the user will be able to control the guiding light that should be used to show the way out of the maze.

If you get this role you will need to help your teammates to avoid the skull markers and find the exit from this labyrinth. If you are one of those who spawned in the maze you will need to follow your comrade’s guidance.

The third level is the simple parkour section. You will need to jump from one platform to another. Also, you will face the section with rolling boulders at the end.

The fourth section is the last one. There you will have to fight the boss that will spam you with various attacks. It will shoot you with lasers and skulls that you simply need to dodge. The third attack is some kind of energy waves and if you want to avoid them you will need to search for gaps between them. The trickiest attack is the one with stones and platforms. You will need to look at the picture that the boss has on its stone and stand on the platform that has the stone with the same picture. This is how you dodge the attack.

The Crypt Trials is a challenging level and hopefully, this guide will help you to beat it. Good luck with your further adventures in Roblox Bedwars!

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Roblox Bedwars: How to Beat the Crypt Trials


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