How to Destroy a Bed Fast in Roblox Bedwars


Roblox Bedwars is an incredibly popular and addicting game that attracts many players with interesting gameplay and the ability to play together with friends. The main goal in the game is to destroy the beds of all opponents and then kill them all without the possibility of resurrecting. The faster you destroy enemy beds, the better for you, and today we will share some tips that will help you destroy beds much faster.

How to Destroy a Bed Fast in Roblox Bedwars

A good strategy, game experience, and a well-played team are what will help you win. But beyond that, many tips and tricks will speed up your victory:

  • Use scissors, as they are cheap, and many players do not know that with their help of it you can destroy beds much faster. This is the best way to break the opponent’s bed at the very beginning of the game.

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  • Another great way to break the bed faster is to use a fireball. Fireballs will not be able to destroy the bed, but a few balls will help destroy the protection of the bed, quickly run up and break the bed.
  • Block placement is also a great way to break an enemy bed faster. Build a column 4 blocks high and climb on it. After that, build in front of you and move towards the opponent’s bed. They won’t be able to reach you, and if the enemy starts to build up to rise to you, you will quickly kill him. Get to the bed in this way, kill the guard and break the bed using the methods described above.
  • The easiest but working way is to fly up to the bed in balloons. If you get the balloons early enough, chances are the enemies won’t have bows, and even if your balloons burst, you might be able to fly to the bed in time, causing you to land right on top of it. Using this method, you should have an ally on the ground, which will prevent the enemies from shooting you.

These are all the ways to break the bed faster that we wanted to tell you about.

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How to Destroy a Bed Fast in Roblox Bedwars


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