If you want to keep on merging items and complete all stages, our Robin Hood Legends cheats and tips will help you get the job done and have a lot of fun while doing so!

Robin Hood Legends is a merge-three game for mobile (not match-three!) which has some really nice features and a lovely challenge level. Instead of matching gems on a board and removing them, you merge three of each items in order to create even more advanced ones and keep on going. Really nice stuff here right now and it will only get better as the game evolves.

But we’re not here to praise the game – we’re here to learn everything about it, so let’s check out below some Robin Hood Legends tips and tricks to help you get started and running smoothly!

Strategize and plan your moves
This is a game where you really need to strategize a bit and plan your moves on the long term. As tasks become more complicated and you need to create more and more advanced items, the spots where you’ll have them become increasingly important.

You should always think many moves ahead, especially when it comes to merging advanced items and make sure that you do one extremely important thing: when you have three of the same items, they’re all placed in a row and ready to create another item. This is extremely important as space is limited on the board.

So don’t be afraid to take advantage of the chance you are offered to move an item you create one square to a side – bring them closer to the ones already on the board and keep the ones you won’t need evolving to a side or towards the corners so that they don’t stand in the way.

Take obstacles into mind and play in such a way that if you have the chance to remove them, you can quickly make a match – but even if you don’t get that chance, you’re still able to carry on. Remember – you can only remove obstacles using boosts and rarely will you be able to remove them all from the board!

Play stages that reward you the required items
Your main goal is to move forward, to liberate as many houses and characters as possible. Therefore you should play with this in mind and only replay stages that give you items for one of the tasks on the map.

More levels can reward you the same items – and if that’s the case, it’s up for you to pick up the one you think will be easier to beat (usually the earlier level available). After completing that task and getting the materials, the other levels won’t be available anymore with the same rewards, so it’s always a matter of choosing the easiest one to beat in order to make your own life easier in the game.

Keep an eye on the moves
Robin Hood Legends makes things even more complicated by only giving you a limited number of moves per each level. Keep an eye on them at all times and make sure you don’t take any additional move because otherwise you risk not being able to complete the stage.

Use free boosts ASAP
When you are rewarded with a free boost, it’s a really good idea to use it as soon as possible. In the case that another similar boost is offered, you will lose the existing one as they don’t stack. Also, unused boosts are not kept for later stages so it really makes no sense not to use them.

There are moments when you shouldn’t use the boosts, though: if you are very low on moves and a boost won’t really influence the game or when it won’t instantly take you one step closer to completing your objective.

For example, the diamond might be better kept for a later use if you have just one red house and willing to get to three, but the only pair on the board is the level 1 shrub. In other words, when using these boosts, make sure that they matter: and almost always they can make an immediate impact.

Connect your game to Facebook
Connecting to Facebook not only rewards you with some in-game goodies the moment you do so, but also allows you to get some extra hearts from your friends and keep on playing and trying to beat the more difficult stages in the game. So it’s a good idea to do so and then find some other people who play this game and have them as your friends to reap on the added benefits.

These would be for now our Robin Hood Legends tips and tricks for the mobile game published by Big Fish Games. If you have additional bits of advice for fellow fans of the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. I’m stuck on chapter 3 level 1! It want let me finish the 3rd move, just little arrow flashing but can’t do anything
    Please help


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