Rise of Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages & Code Sharing

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Rise of Heroes tips and cheats to help you pass all of the game’s stages and gear up your heroes to become super powerful!

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If you like collecting all kinds of characters, from funny fuzzy looking animals to Aladdin and other Middle-Eastern type of heroes, then you are going to have a blast adding them to your team!

So, if you are ready to learn all the tricks we’ve got up our sleeves, then let’s dive right into the Rise of Heroes tips and tricks right here below!

You don’t need to start with the story mode right away

Actually, the game will let you perform summons and other activities before you have to complete a certain number of stages. This is very good, as the first thing you should do before you go fight is collect a few heroes to help you beat the stages much faster.

This is good as the first thing you should do is get some gems and make your very first good summon (I’ll detail more about this below). But for now, if you find yourself able to do the stages, you can do them to claim the Gems you get for the first time stage clearing. 

Battle at your best

When you are assembling a battle team you will be able to check the enemy’s stats – as well as the element they have. In the game all of the characters belong to an element, which makes them either strong against another or weak. This is how they work:

Civ (Green) is strong against Fer (Red) and weak against Und (Blue).

Fer (Red) is strong against Und (Blue) and weak against Civ (Green).

Und (Blue) is strong against Civ (Green) and weak against Fer (Red).

Hvn (Yellow) and Abs (Purple) counter each other and have no other correlation with the other 3 elements.

You can see this even more detailed when you are in battle, because when it’s your turn, you will see any of the 3 types of arrows above the enemy. If you haven’t had the chance to take a look and examine how all those elements work, you can also use the arrows to guide you:

Red arrow means your attack will not be very effective.

Green arrow means your attack will be very effective.

Yellow arrow means the attack will have no added benefits nor drawbacks (neutral).

They work differently for each attack that you select, so before you launch the attack make sure you check out how effective they are. You should pay especially close attention to these arrows when you are fighting powerful monsters and bosses, because they can make the difference between life and death (quite literally in game). 

Choose your own path

When you are going in the game’s story mode you will be able to select the path that you want to take. I suggest that you select the path that you will find most useful and rich, even if sometimes it might prove to be the more dangerous one. 

I suggest that you go to the Cursed Chests whenever you see them along your path, because you will receive extra Gold, even if they inflict a small debuff on your team. Especially in the early stages when you will most definitely be able to defeat the monsters you should go get them.

Another thing you should take into consideration when fighting in those stages is that the more you complete from a stage, the more EXP you get. So you should know that if you want to level up your characters fast, the quickest road is not always the best, because it provides the least EXP. 

My suggestion would be to not shy away from taking the long road, because the EXP will be well worth it if you want to upgrade your characters. Also, if you see Cursed Chests, go get them! 

Don’t rely on auto battle!

The auto battle will be unlocked after you complete a few levels in the first stage, and you might think it is a divine gift (for allowing you to AFK while in game) but you need to consider that it might not worth as good as you might’ve expected. 

Auto mode will not always use the skills in the right order, but instead use them whenever they are available. I suggest that if you are fighting a boss battle, then you cast the skills yourself for a more reliable source of damage.

Take part in the in-game events whenever you can

Those in game events are a great way to get good rewards which can help you boost your characters or account quite a bit. These events can be found in the top right side of the screen (on a slideshow) and in the main interface presented by the little tiger cub. When you open them, you will see a number of tasks that you have to complete in order to claim the given rewards.

I suggest that you always complete as many of these requirements as you can, because they are going to come in handy quite a lot. For example, in the “Sinbad’s Ship Needs Fresh Water” events you should repair the pipes that give you the Silver Lamps first, then the ones that give you the Gold, EXP and so on. 

They are really easy to complete, so don’t skip them (or forget them) if you want to level up fast and make upgrades quickly.

Always promote your best and most used heroes

The Promote tab in the bottom side of the screen will allow you to enhance your heroes’ levels and even upgrade them to increase their stars and max level. I suggest that you use all the silver star heroes as hero food, as they are not really worth using on the battlefield (even if they are 3 stars).

Always max the level of the heroes that you want to use most in battle at first!

Share your code with other people to come and play!

In the game you will be able to get a few very good rewards if your friends will come and play the game with you. To add them to the game, you will need to share your code with them! Here is how you can find your code:

– Tap on the Friends button in the bottom side of the screen

– Open the Invite tab to the right

– Copy your code that appears in the top left side of the screen and send it to your friends (mine is 8pms25a).

To enter the code you will see on the bottom an “Enter Invite Code” button. Tap your friends’ code there and you’re done! Share your codes down below with the community and help each other gather all those sweet rewards! 

You can also send the invites directly from the game via Facebook and WhatsApp, 

A few other Rise of Heroes tips and tricks:

– Obtain Diamonds for free in multiple ways, from binding your account (tap on your profile icon in the top left) -> Account -> select Google or Facebook and you will receive 75 Diamods (enough for a good 3-5 star gold summon).

– Tap on the Video guide in the left side of the screen and watch all of the videos there once to receive 5 Diamonds per video. You don’t have to wait for the video to run on its own, but rather drag the progress bar to like 2-3 seconds before the end and you’ll get your prize.

– In the left side of the screen (where the video guide button was) scroll down until the end of the line and you will see an option called “Community”. Tap on that and then head on to the “Reward” button. There, tap once on each of the 3 social media platforms to be redirected to their page.

The game asks you to follow their pages and in exchange you will receive 25 Diamonds. You can follow, or if you don’t even have a Twitter account for example, you can just tap and wait for the redirect page, then without clicking the “follow” button, just head back in the game. You will still receive your rewards. Do this for all the three options and you got yourself another 75 Diamonds.

– Send multiple guild applications at once to the best guilds you see, and hope that one of them will accept you soon.

– Progress through the stages as fast as you can at first, even if you encounter some more special stages, which have certain requirements. You can come back and complete them at a later time when you have all the requirements for that stage.

These would be all of our Rise of Heroes tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other cool tips? Share them with us down in the comments section below and don’t forget to share your codes with the other players!

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Rise of Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages & Code Sharing

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