Rise of Empire Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build a Mighty City


Rise of Empire: Ice and Fire is an extremely complex mobile strategy game with tons of features that can be pretty confusing at first. But we’re here to help with some Rise of Empire tips and cheats in our complete strategy guide for the game.

Although those who have played similar strategy games in the past will find this somewhat familiar, there are tens of different types of buildings that work together in this game, as well as monsters and features that are not easily accessible. But you need to know them all in order to succeed, and we’re here to help you with that.

From help to beginners to more advanced strategy, we have it all for you in today’s article. So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below some Rise of Empire tips and tricks!

Follow the tasks when it comes to buildings
When you’re starting playing the game, even if you are familiar with mobile strategy games, you will find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer number of buildings in this game.

You will eventually get used to this after playing for some hours, but early on it’s a good idea to build everything you can in the order recommended by the game’s tasks. There are certain features in the game that will only be unlocked once you reach a certain Castle level, so just follow the recommendations early on to make sure you progress as you should.

Once you have built everything and have time, resources and workers to spare, don’t forget to build everything that you can from the Build Menu.

Focus on leveling up your Castle ASAP
Your main goal early on is to get your Castle to the highest possible level as soon as possible. My recommendation is to try and get your castle to level 10 ASAP, and only afterwards spend more time catching up with the upgrade of the buildings.

You will not be able to keep everything at level 1 while upgrading your castle anyway, but don’t waste too much time getting all the other buildings to their maximum level before getting the Castle’s level up. The only other buildings that you should level up during this time even if they’re not required for your Castle’s level are the troop-producing ones.

Upgrade the important buildings first
Once you reach a decent Castle level early on (8-10), start catching up with all the other buildings. Work on increasing your population and make sure that all your resource-producing buildings are at the highest possible level, and the storage too.

In the long run, you will get more resources through gathering from the world map instead of the buildings inside your Kingdom, but early on those resources will be extremely useful. So make sure you’re producing enough.

All the other buildings are not as important early on, so you should only upgrade them after you have your Castle to level 10, your houses, resource buildings and troop producing units to a level as high as possible.

What faction to choose?
Once you reach Castle level 6, you have to choose your class: Farmer, Raider or Trader. These are all pretty much self-explanatory from the title, each focusing on a different aspect in the game. I recommend choosing the farmer class because it will boost your productivity early on and make it easier for you to progress.

Once you reach Castle level 10, you are allowed to change your Faction / Class for free, and that is when I suggest you switch to Raider, because this is the most fun way to play the game and you can definitely use those attack and troop boosts.

Plan your kingdom’s layout early on
I am not sure if you will even be able to move buildings in your kingdom, but it appears you are not: buildings will stay where you place them, so try to plan things out a bit from the beginning.

You will need roads connected to every building in order for it to work, so start building those in advance to plan out your Kingdom’s design. I didn’t know about this and I didn’t do it and my kingdom looks like a hot mess.

Even more, I recommend creating areas based on the type of buildings you have there in order to keep yourself sane and things easier to manage: have a spot for resources (like Storage, Coal Burners, Houses and such), one for the Military area, one for the defense area and so on. This makes it easier to navigate through your kingdom and keep everything in check.

Train troops constantly
When you start playing the game, you can only train a bunch of troops at once, which means that you should be training, collecting and training again as often as possible. You will need large armies eventually and focusing on constantly training troops early on will help tremendously.

Level up your Troop Training buildings ASAP in order to be able to train more and get those Stables as soon as possible also – this way, you will build a solid army soon and you’ll be able to take on the difficult monsters on the map, as well as gather more resources at once.

Also, once you unlock the Military University, research the troop upgrade branches in the Institute and upgrade your existing troops into higher tier ones for the added bonuses. The good thing about this building is that it can work in parallel with the regular troop training, so you have no reasons not to do this constantly in order to keep your army in top shape.

When it comes to building your armies, in most cases using the higher tier units is better than using more of the lower tier ones. Just check out the general strength of your army in different scenarios and always use the option that gives you the highest power.

Keep the Tavern and Factories Stocked Up
Some types of buildings need to be stocked up constantly in order to work. For example, the Tavern is extremely important and has to always be stocked up: if it is not, you start losing population.

So make sure that whenever you have workers available, you restock these buildings to make sure that your kingdom will operate smoothly at all times.

Join a solid, active alliance
Being part of a large, active alliance is extremely important. You need a lot of active members not only to help you with your building and troop upgrades, but especially for the Alliance bonuses in Tech and rallies.

Being part of an alliance is vital, so spend your time finding the right one – then move close to their territory to fully take advantage of all the boosts and goodies they offer. The game is a lot easier and progress is much faster if you have a good alliance.

Keep an eye on all tasks
If there are still too many buildings and things to do for you to keep track of (and there are!) you can always tap the arrow in the middle left side of the screen. You can see a bunch of potential tasks and information about your kingdom there. Don’t forget to scroll down and make sure that everything’s taken care of.

That area doesn’t cover EVERYTHING in your kingdom, so you will still have to double check all structures and make sure that everything’s running smoothly, but it offers some shortcuts and makes your life easier, especially in the early stages of the game, so make sure to take advantage of it!

Constantly fight monsters on the map
There are all sorts of monsters and similar enemies that you can fight on the map and you should do that constantly and as often as possible.

Each type of monster will give you a different resource, so choose them based on your needs. Try to always fight the highest level monster you can defeat without suffering heavy injuries, but have in mind that you will never have your troops killed when fighting regular monsters.

Once you get to a high enough levels, start working with your allies on defeating the more important threats on the map, like the Undead Giants for massive rewards.

When away, gather resources
Make sure that whenever you leave the game for a longer period of time, you have all your armies out in the world gathering resources.

When gathering, make sure that you use as many troops with a higher load as possible. When at the same level, Cavalry units have the highest load, followed by Melee troops, while Archers can carry the least amount of resources.

Use your speed boosts early on
You will gain a ton of various 1 minute speed boosts early on. Make sure to use them as soon as possible, as long as you have resources to build other things in the game.

The upgrade timers will soon increase a lot, making these small boosts pretty much worthless later on in the game. So put them to good work when they matter and you will progress much faster than those who hoard these items.

Research constantly (and what to research)
As if there weren’t enough things to focus on in Rise of Empire, the research options that you have in the game are pretty much insane too, with a ton of potential things to research.

Researching new technologies is expensive and sometimes confusing, as you have multiple buildings that can do the same type of research.

Either way, you should always research and while early on I would recommend to simply follow the route recommended by the game (which seems to focus on the Rapid Production Tree), eventually you will have to make some decisions on your own.

The most important research apart from what the game recommends, early on in your adventure, is the Basic Combat Skill tree where you should get to the Troop Promotion ASAP in order to be able to upgrade your lower tier troops into better ones.

The specific troop training tier is extremely expensive and only becomes important later on in the game when fighting is more present that resource gathering and building improvements, so don’t rush to spend your resources there. Instead, always look at the instant benefits that you get from research and focus on those projects.

Station Heroes & Recruit more
There are tons of heroes available in the game and even though most of them are pretty much useless, you will still need a bunch of them in order to improve your Kingdom and get all sorts of boosts.

An interesting mechanic in Rise of Empire: Ice and Fire is the Station Heroes feature that you have in the Town Hall. This basically means that you can use some of your heroes to station in the said Town Hall and give you various bonuses.

Initially, you will have more Production based heroes available and you should focus on those in order to boost your production, but later on in the game the Military ones become more important as long as you have some good ones.

Remember that even the stationed heroes can benefit from additional skills that they unlock, so the important ones should be leveled up as well in order to get their more advanced skills.

Focus on Developing your top combat heroes
However, I would recommend focusing most of your energy and resources on your top Combat Heroes. You will eventually need a large number of combat-oriented ones in order to lead your huge armies and having them skilled up to the maximum will make fighting a lot easier.

The best combat heroes are the rarest: Orange first, Purple second and Blue afterwards. The Blue and Green heroes are not extremely useful in the long run, so always focus on training your rarest heroes first as you will get more bonuses from them.

Army composition matters
When setting up your armies (or Legions, as they are called in the game), make sure that you do it right as troop composition matters.

Each of the spots that you can fill in the army corresponds to a row in battle, and you should always have infantry first, Cavalry second and Archers at the back. This gives you the biggest general bonuses in most combat situations.

Depending on the type of commanders you have, you might sometimes want to go with a single unit legion (like three infantries), so always adapt to the situation.

An example of a situation where you might have to change your generic battle setup is when gathering resources: leave archers out of the army in order to be able to gather more resources in one go!

These would be our Rise of Empire tips and tricks. If you have some additional suggestions to make, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below.

UPDATE: We have published a bunch of other guides for the game here. Make sure to check that page out for all our guides (more coming soon!)

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Rise of Empire Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build a Mighty City


  1. Yes you can move buildings. Once it is done building, press your finger on it. Hold it and you’ll see the white arrow swirly thing. Shortly after it will release.

  2. I wish I’ve read this before playing. Anyways to answer David Tosh, you can start to get workers out of your castle at level 13. Click on the hammer on the upper left side, look for an idle worker and click “explore”.

    • Most move their before reaching castle level 6. After that you can pay to get province immigration tickets but only certain provinces are available even after buying the tickets. So, start a new castle, and before you leave level five, move it to state 50.

  3. Why do we have to keep the Tavern always stocked up, granted it impacts the population size.
    But what is the point of maintaining the population size beside of it being required for certain building upgrades.

    • Hi all have been playing and uninstalling and installing the game,due to making wrong moves lol.
      Anyway like the game, have noted on several site’s,codes like Roe etc, yes I tried them,but they didnt work, saying Invalid activation codes… if the codes are put out but the maker of the game, then why are they invalid? What version do they work on?

  4. I kept my Tavern and charcoal full but even though my lumber and food is dropping down . What should I do to make them increase. Please help regarding this

    • Improve research atleast till level 7. Keep gathering resource from the world. Also one thing that improved my production was increasing storage depot to atleast level 3 you have no idea how much resources are generated when you sleep. Also for research and upgrade use all the free resource bundle you get through completing the task. Do not keep them storing in inventory

  5. There is one more thing. Till you are upto level 5 you are under war protection. Hence its preferable for you to increase resource tiles to level 5 as it will reduce future burden. After you upgrade to level 6 everything is pretty much hell upon us sort of thing.

    • When you do a chaos war in the enemy province, make a path toward the ac that you are targeting the next go round. Then have your alliance members take tiles in a path toward AC2, AC3, AC4. This will allow you to continue the path when you declare war on the next enemy alliance center. Just make sure to be mindful of your stamina. Making long paths like this takes a lot of stamina and time. Don’t want to do it too close to declaration and have no stamina to participate in the actual war…

    • Is there a way to declare diplomacy for different alliances in the state. For example, our farm alliance, can we make it appear green instead of red so we don’t have to keep checking to see which ones are on the list of can and can’t attack? Or for like nap 15?

  6. Is there a way to declare diplomacy for different alliances in the state. For example, our farm alliance, can we make it appear green instead of red so we don’t have to keep checking to see which ones are on the list of can and can’t attack? Or for like nap 15?


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