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Rider.io Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beat the Competition

Rider.io Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beat the Competition

A new .io game has finally arrived, and this time we are riding in on horseback! Rider.io is a top-down action game where players will take down each other using skillful arrow shots. As players go down, coins will spawn, and collecting them will give you awesome mounts to get around the battlefield faster!

In our Rider.io tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and how the flow of battle should play out like. We will also give you some tips on weapons, so let’s get started with our Rider.io cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to beat the competition!

Landing your Shots

Rider.io has a fairly simple control scheme. The left virtual joystick controls your movement, while your action buttons are on the right side, including your shoot button.

Tapping the shoot button will make your hero launch an arrow at the closest enemy to them. This should work fine enough most of the time, but if your target is too far away, there is a good chance your arrow is going to miss.

Manual aiming is good for situations like this, and you do it by holding the shoot button down and dragging to aim. Try to predict where your enemy is moving, and shoot in front of them.

Dodging and Special Moves

In addition to your normal shoot attack, you also have a dodge maneuver. Tap the shoe button to perform a dodge roll, which will propel your hero forward a little bit. During this animation, you are completely invincible, so a well-timed dodge roll can mean the difference between life and death!

When you are mounted, your dodge roll will turn into a leap. Your mount will leap forward a considerable distance, but do not worry as they are still invincible during the jump. Make liberal use of the dodge since it has a relatively short cooldown.

Some of your mounts also have special moves. From your level 3 mount and beyond, each mount has a special move that can be used by tapping the lightning bolt button.

Some mount share the same move – you will see the shockwave special move a lot. This move deals a lot of damage, but it is slow to come out. A good setup is to use your jump to close the distance between you and your target, and then unleash the shockwave.

The higher end mounts have their own special moves, so make sure that you try them all out to see how they work! Their cooldowns are a little longer than your dodge cooldowns, but they are still pretty quick.

Collecting Coins and Fighting Mimics

When a battle starts, your first order of business is to level up. When you level up, your maximum arrows and health increase, so it is very important to get some levels before you fight other players.

You can wander around and pick up scattered coins, but you can also fight mimics. When you are exploring the map, keep an eye out for a chest icon – these are mimics. When you get close to them, they will activate and come after you, but they are pretty slow.

Just shoot a few arrows into them and reap the rewards! Mimics drop a lot of coins when they are defeated, so they are a great source of coins early on. Hunt a few mimics to get the advantage over other players!

Of course, other players drop coins when they are defeated as well. The amount of coins they drop is equal to their level – higher level players will drop more coins.

Open Boxes for New Heroes

Whenever you finish a match, you will earn a treasure chest. These treasure chests can be opened immediately on the main menu, and you can get awesome new heroes from them!

The regular boxes you get from winning matches can be opened for common rarity heroes. These heroes do not offer any bonuses, but they do look pretty cool!

If you go to the menu shop, you can purchase epic and legendary chests that costs 200 and 500 gems respectively. These chests contain rarer heroes, and these heroes come with passive bonuses like more rewards, more coins, and so forth.

Combine Weapons to Improve Damage

You start out with a basic arrow in your inventory, but the weapon inventory in this game is actually kind of interesting. In order to level up your arrows, you have to combine them like you are playing a merging game.

You can buy the basic arrow at any point by tapping the arrow at the top right corner. It costs a little bit of gold, but each new arrow upgrade will make your max damage increase a little bit. Keep merging to increase your attack power!

When you level up, you will unlock more powerful arrows for direct purchase, negating the need to merge all the way from the basic arrow.

Mounts and Bonus Health

When you open the rarer chests, you may also acquire a rare variant of one of the existing mounts. These mounts are not only sporting cool new looks, but they also increase your maximum health further when you reach that level.

You can also level up the same mount too (excluding the basic mount) if you manage to get multiple dupes of the mount. With every dupe you get, the mount will get a star, up to a maximum of three stars.

With each star, the amount of bonus health the mount gives increases. Keep opening chests, and hope that you get some duplicate mounts!

Combat Strategies

One of the surefire ways to take down a player is to get the jump on them, get up really close to their face, and just unload all of your arrows. Since you are so close to them, your arrows should hit every time, but you also need to know that you are probably going to get a lot.

You need to take them out as fast as possible, but as long as you get the first strike you should be able to defeat them first.

If you are severely wounded from a fight, you can try disengaging! Run away as fast as you can from your opponent and try to scavenge for health kits – they look like floating green crosses. This is the only way to recover health in this game, so make sure to take the time to heal.

That’s all for Rider.io! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Rider.io Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beat the Competition


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