Ride or Die! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Steal Lots of Cars


It is time to Ride or Die with American rapper Bhad Bhabie! In this fast-paced car jacking ride, you will play as Bhad Bhabie as she jumps from car to car enjoying the ride and even stealing some cars for her own. You will need quick reflexes to get through this ride, so our Ride or Die! tips and tricks will show you how to dodge cops and earn lots of money.

You will need to be on your top game to ride with the best, so here is our Ride or Die! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to steal lots of cars!

Jump from car to car to avoid getting thrown off!

You cannot stay on one car for too long. After you have rode a single car for a while, you will see a exclamation mark appear over Bhad Bhabie’s head. You have a couple more seconds of riding until you will see another bubble pop up, this time with three exclamation marks in it.

At this point, Bhad Bhabie will automatically jump off the car in the direction you are currently facing. Make sure you jump to a new car before this happens, otherwise you might be caught off guard!

Complete the missions!

At any given time, you will have three missions to do. These missions will ask you to do things like collect a certain amount of cash, hijack a number of cars, and so forth. You can check your progress at any time by pausing.

Every time you complete a mission, you will be rewarded with car parts. The harder the mission is, the more car parts you will get. You need lots of car parts to upgrade your cars, so try to do as many missions as possible.

Avoid the cops!

When you hop onto a glowing car, you will start a police pursuit! You will need to evade several cop cars before the vehicle you are riding is considered stolen, so stay vigilant.

One big tip we can give you is to stay away from the sides. Cop cars will be parked along the sides of the road, and when you get near they will either deploy a spike strip to ruin your tires or simply slam into you.

Another way the cops can try to get you is to overtake you from behind. If you see one of the lanes in the road start to flash red, get out of there quick – that means a cop is about to boost ahead.

Also, if you run into too many obstacles on the road, you will start to slow down. If you slow down too much, the cops behind you will catch up to you, leading to an automatic arrest. Watch your steering!

Unlock new cars for more money!

Once you have enough money, you can purchase new cars in the garage. Purchasing new cars will do two things: the car will begin to appear during runs, and it will start generating money for you over time.

So, as you progress through the game, your garage will get bigger and bigger, and that means more and more money for you. Do not forget that you need to manually collect your money, so be sure to check back every now and then.

Collect the boxes!

Occasionally during a run you might come across a glowing box. These boxes are Mystery Boxes and they are basically this game’s version of loot boxes. You get a random assortment of goodies inside, including money, car parts, and sometimes even gold, the premium currency of the game. Be on the look out for these!

That’s all the tips we have for Ride or Die! If you have any other car swapping strategies to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Ride or Die! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Steal Lots of Cars


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