Pocket Mortys is a mobile game from Adult Swim, the creators of the hit animation Rick & Morty. The game is much like Pokemon in that you recruit and train different types of Morty and battle other Ricks across the multiverse. The game is a lot of fun, with many in-jokes and recognisable characters and quotes for fans of the show.

There are two sections to the game: Multiplayer and Campaign. In Multiplayer you can battle both bots and real players like yourself. The battles are exactly like the Campaign battles but here you can also add these real players as Friends to help with challenges or just to battle for fun. Wild Mortys will spawn around the map, and trainers who you can challenge as you wander around.

Pocket Morty Strategy Guide:

  • Remember where the Heal Center and Morty Daycare are- these are places you will visit most often.
  • Speak to any NPCs who have an exclamation mark above their head- they want to trade with you and reward you for your generosity.
  • In multiplayer mode approach Mr Meeseeks and watch as many ads as you can handle. He will reward you with loads of great items, and you will complete a couple of challenges too if you watch enough ads for him.
  • Watch ads through Salesman Rick for extra Schmeckles (in game currency). With these you can purchase all sorts of items including the Morty Manipulator Chip needed to capture new Mortys. It is important to have some of these with you when you explore new dimensions where you will come across new Mortys to capture.
Watch the ads for extra Schmeckles
  • It is not usually worth buying serums and such from Salesman Rick as you can craft them using scrap you find, find them randomly, or receive them as rewards. Save your Schmeckles for Manipulator Chips.
  • New worlds discovered through the portal are completely random so make the most of your time there by exploring it thoroughly. Find the hidden cache, defeat the trainers, capture the wild Mortys, and battle that dimension’s Rick to earn a badge. The more badges you earn- the more items you unlock and are able to buy.
  • It is worth battling and capturing every wild or feral Morty you find (as long as you have the Manipulator Chip to capture him) as any spare Mortys are sent to Daycare. If you have duplicate Mortys they can be combined to create even better versions!
Battle Mortys with the opposite element for a better result!
  • Each Morty has an element assigned to it, much like Pokemon, except for your original Morty who is classed as ‘Normal’. The elements are Rock, Paper, and Scissors, and are treated just like the game where Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, and Scissors Beats Paper. Be wary of this when you enter battles and ensure you have at least one of each!
  • When you are in a new world there is a Boss Rick to fight by the Portal but do not battle him until you have explored and battled the trainers around the map first. If you lose to him it is no big deal- especially if you have already captured Wild Mortys, battle your way through all the other trainers, and found all the random items across the map!

If you have any more tips you’d like to share just leave us a comment below!

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