The Rhythm of Fighters

SNK is a publisher that many gamers remember for their incredible arcade games such as the Metal Slug and The King of Fighters series but the company has also released some unique titles such as The Rhythm of Fighters, a rhythm game based on the King of Fighters series released a while back on the App Store. If you have yet to experience the game and want to do so soon, you might want to download the game right now as it’s going to be removed from the App Store this week.

It’s been confirmed that The Rhythm of Fighters will be removed from the App Store on June 15th. Also, all IAPs including extra music tracks will also become unavailable from that day. According to SNK, The Rhythm of Fighters will continue working properly even after July 15th, granted players keep the game on their devices.

The Rhythm of Fighters is a really unique experiment which combines a rhythm games experience with the characters of the King Of Fighters series. The game includes many different tracks from the series as well as nice 2D graphics that make the game feel like a classic entry of the franchise. With the exception that you will be performing your attacks and special moves in a very different way than usual.

The Rhythm of Fighters will be available on the App Store until July 15th.



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