Revived Witch Tama Doll Guide: Class, Skills, and More

Revived Witch Tama Doll Guide: Class, Skills, and More

Revived Witch is a free-to-play mobile RPG published by Youstar Co. There are lots of different characters that are called Dolls. You are able to form squads with these heroes. In order to create a proper team, you have to rely on each Doll’s stats, skills, and class. So, the information that you know about each character becomes crucial when you need to form a squad. Today we are going to help you and tell you about one of the Dolls. This guide will explain to you Tama in Revived Witch, her class, and her skills.

Tama in Revived Witch

Tama is a new character in Revived Witch. She looks like a girl with long dark hair dressed in a white and blue kimono. Her class is called Compeller and she can be your tank and support healer. It makes her a great addition to your squad in Revived Witch.

Tama Skills in Revived Witch

Tama in Revived Witch has a couple of skills and most of them have support and tank orientations. Her passive is called Hollow Dream. It recovers a certain amount of HP to your allies when the user attacks. The number of healing is based on Tama’s ATK. Her active skills work as enhancing and healing abilities.

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The Colorless Lands is an ability that allows Tama to create magic barriers. She covers all her allies with it. They will get additional damage reduction stats. Also, the barrier heals all the characters inside it. The amount of this healing is based on Tama’s ATK.

Tama’s second skill is called Twilight State. It heals all her allies in front of Tama for a certain amount of HP that is based on the user’s ATK. Also, this skill gives additional damage or healing effect buff to skills of the characters it healed.

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Revived Witch Tama Doll Guide: Class, Skills, and More


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