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Revelation Mobile Redeem Codes (March 2023)

Get the latest Revelation Mobile (Revelation: Infinite Journey) codes and redeem to get all the best free rewards before they expire!

Revelation Mobile, which is how players call Revelation: Infinite Journey, prides itself on a deeply immersive world and a detailed character customization system. With that, it offers a chance to live as stunning anime characters, in the style of titles like Genshin Impact.

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Once you start playing, you explore gorgeous landscapes, pick a job, pet animals, and upgrade your character and gear. To avoid grinding too hard to get all the resources you need, you can make use of Revelation Mobile codes and get different freebies. And if you’re playing Genshin Impact as well, don’t miss out on this list of active codes for it as well.

All Revelation Mobile codes (March 2023)

Active Revelation Mobile codes (March 2023)

Unfortunately, there are no codes that can be redeemed for free rewards in Revelation Mobile at the moment. This is likely to change in the future, but in the meantime, you can get free rewards by logging in using your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Zing ID accounts.

Expired Revelation Mobile codes (March 2023)

Revelation Mobile currently has no expired codes. We will update both lists as developers add new codes, or after they expire.

Revelation Mobile codes Frequently Asked Questions

In the following sections, you can find answers to all your burning questions about Revelation Mobile and its codes.

How to redeem Revelation Mobile codes

Revelation Mobile redeem codes
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Once developers add new codes that bring you free resources, you can redeem them by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Revelation Mobile official website;
  2. Click on Gift Code in the menu at the top of the screen;
  3. Go to the Reward tab and log in using your preferred method;
  4. Find the server you’re playing on and choose your character to receive the rewards;
  5. Enter the promotion code and the characters next to the Verify field to proceed;
  6. Click on Redeem to claim your gift.

After redeeming the code, you need to go back to the game and check your inbox to get the freebies.

How to get more Revelation Mobile codes

For most games, developers try to build engaging online communities on different social media platforms, where they share updates about the game and occasionally post codes. Revelation Mobile fans can follow the game’s official Facebook page, where they can learn about the latest exclusive events and get rewards by participating in them as well.

For more information about Revelation Mobile, you can also check out the game’s YouTube and TikTok accounts.

However, if you don’t want to jump from page to page, we advise you to bookmark this guide and check it out occasionally, as we work hard to collect all the working codes for Revelation Mobile in one place and keep the list updated.

Why aren’t my Revelation Mobile codes working?

The best way to avoid issues when redeeming game codes is to copy them and paste them directly into the designated text box. In most cases, codes are difficult combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters, and it is so easy to make a mistake when typing them.

If you double-checked the spelling of your code and it is still not working, there is a chance that it has expired. Most codes have strict expiration dates which are not always transparent, so make sure to redeem Revelation Mobile codes as soon as they appear to avoid missing out on free rewards.

Are there any other ways to get Freebies in Revelation Mobile?

One of the best ways to get free resources besides redeeming codes is participating in various Revelation Mobile events. You can find the details about ongoing events, including the participation rules and rewards, on the game’s official Facebook page.

The rewards you can get this way can be quite generous—some events included prizes like valuable gift codes, hoodies, and tumblers.

What is Revelation Mobile?

Revelation Mobile (also known by its actual title, Revelation: Infinite Journey) is a free action MMORPG game available for iOS and Android devices and PC. Before jumping into a beautifully- designed, anime-inspired world full of activities and action, players get to create and customize their characters in detail.

The game features five different character classes—Blademaster, Swordmage, Spirit Shaper, Paladin, and Occultist—with five jobs that make the whole gaming experience more fun (Chef, Musician, Stylist, Thief, and Dancer).

If you’re in need of codes for any other mobile or Roblox games, explore our Codes section and claim all the freebies before the codes expire!

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