Kero Blaster
Kero Blaster

Over a month ago a new retro-inspired game has been revealed by a team that doesn’t need any introduction, as it has developed one of the most successful games of recent years, Cave Story.

Kero Blaster, developed by the already mentioned Studio Pixel, is now available for purchase on the App Store in all its old school glory. Because Kero Blaster really doesn’t do anything different than older games, but it does well what it sets out to do.

The game, as expected, stars a pixelated frog equipped with a deadly laser gun. Kero Blaster lacks pretty much any real plot: the only thing gamers need to know is that they have to proceed through the stages and blast anything that moves in order to save the poor frog’s lover. Luckily, the gameplay experience is not as basic as it may seem, since the developers have included four different weapons and several enemies and bosses. The enemies’ designs are also pretty funny and in tone with the rest of the game.

Kero Blaster is now available for download on the App Store for the price of $4.99. Make sure to give a look to the game if you love retro-inspired game, as this game looks like could be one of the best games of the genre released this year.



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