When two siblings are driven apart, they wake up the next day with seemingly no memory of each other. In order to restore the bond between the siblings, the brother must delve into their deepest dreams to uncover the truth behind their memories.

Incredible Mandy is a 3D adventure puzzle platformer from Chinese indie studio Dotoyou Games. Players take on the role of the brother as he summons up a mystical light sword to fight off any potential evils within the memories.

Incredible Mandy features eight distinct dream-like worlds full of lush, gorgeous visuals. Each world tells a different part of the story between the siblings, and there are fully animated anime cutscenes littered throughout the experience.

Even though the brother wields a light sword, combat is not main focus as he explores the dream worlds. He can manipulate the sword to his will, letting him solve puzzles that require some out-of-the-box thinking. Even the game’s massive bosses must be approached in this fashion.

Speaking of bosses, each boss of the eight worlds guards an important piece of their memories, and you must do everything you can to get it back. These battles are absolute spectacles and must be seen to be believed.

Incredible Mandy‘s fairy tale-like adventure is coming to iOS next month for 2.99 USD.


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