Rescue Quest is a brand new match three game with a twist from Chillingo, a great title that mixes in some great characters on the boards and some new visual elements in a genre that has been done so many times before, managing to deliver a fresh, unique experience. We still need a helping hand to complete the game, though, and I am here to hopefully help you with that and share with you a set of Rescue Quest cheats, tips and ultimately create a strategy guide that will help you get three star ratings on all levels and better results each time you play.

This is a game that gets more and more difficult, so if you want to learn everything about it, read on for our Rescue Quest tips and cheats!


1. Choose your route carefully
Most levels in Rescue Quest will have different possible routes for you to take on: make sure that you check out the board carefully and you choose the best possible route. Have in mind that the shortest route is sometimes more difficult because it offers narrower places for your matches, so it might not be the best one!

2. Start matching at the bottom
When I first started playing the game, I was doing it all wrong, trying to create the path from where my character started all the way to the Spritelings. However, it’s best to just start making matches at the lower part of the screen (having the best route in mind, of course) because more matches will be made in the upper areas, clearing the way automatically and earning you precious time.

3. Look for easy matches first
Each level that you start will have a bunch of 4 or even 5 match possibilities from start. Look for them when you start the game because they will help tremendously with your progress: create those matches first and then enjoy the benefits.

4. Don’t forget to use the power-ups!
You fill up your power-ups as you create matches. The first one, the hammer, will be the only power-up you will have for a long time and it’s still pretty useful. Just make sure you use it as soon as it fills up to take advantage of all the matches that you’ll be making.

5. Time lapse cheat
If you keep on failing a level, then try to use the time lapse cheat in Rescue Quest: quit the game and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward by a couple of hours. Get back to the game and see if you have extra hearts.

6. Connect the game with your Facebook account
If you want extra goodies and the chance to earn some free gems, then connect your game with your Facebook account. It’s better to play the game with company, so make sure that you have quite a few people playing with you!

7. Replay levels
Some levels might seem impossible when you first play them, and the next time you try them out, they might be extremely easy. It’s all about the luck you have when the board is created and the original pieces are dropped. So if you’re having trouble beating a stage, keep on trying because eventually luck will be on your side and you’ll ace it in no time!

These would be for now our tips and cheats for Rescue Quest. If you have other suggestions, let us know by commenting below!



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