In this crazy world, I absolutely love playing relaxing, beautiful games like Desertopia. This is that type of game that you play at your own pace and let the beautiful scenery, the relaxing music and the easy gameplay take you over to another dimension. One where you just chill.

Similar in concept with My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary, but with more attention paid to detail and an even more relaxing atmosphere, Desertopia is a game that everybody should play, young or old, hardcore or casual gamers.

You start your experience on a barren, deserted island that you have to repopulate by cultivating new life forms and helping the species there flourish. A nice change from the regular “destroy it all” theme that’s taking over more and more games nowadays.

Although the number of actual animals that can appear on your island seems somewhat limited – 50 of them, you will still get a ton of variety and will fall in love with the game instantly.

There are some really nice concepts making it work, too: everything on your island is ever-changing as nothing lives long in this game. The music itself will evolve with your island, changing based on the abundance level of your new world. And it fits the game perfectly.

But what you’ll absolutely fall in love with in Desertopia as soon as you launch the game is the visual style. Those hand drawn graphics, the vibrant and fresh colors… everything works flawlessly and really manages to offer a complete, relaxing experience.

More than a game, a means for relaxation, Desertopia is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Make sure to give it a try!


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