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My Oasis Season 2 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

My Oasis Season 2 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide
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There are few mobile games as relaxing as My Oasis is, even though many claim or want to be considered relaxing.

But this one manages to offer the perfect mix in terms of gameplay, beautiful graphics and amazing music that you always end up your play session feeling better, happier, more relaxed.

I know this isn’t a game with a real competitive side, but if you still want to do better – or at least make sure you don’t miss any of its hidden features – then check out our My Oasis Season 2 cheats and tips.

Do play this game at your own pace and find your rhythm and make sure you always enjoy the experience (so playing with the sound turned on is a must). But now let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some My Oasis tips and tricks below.

Get help for the music

My Oasis Tips 1

Every now and then, a musical note will appear above the heads of animals or above items on your Oasis.

Tap these and they will start playing some notes. Unless you really have some skills in this area, you will probably have a tough time replicating the notes yourself in order to bag the reward.

But for this, there’s a helping hand: you can watch a video ad and for 10 minutes, each time a musical note is pressed, you will see the order to tap them in at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure to always activate this, otherwise ignore the musical notes completely as they can easily turn into a frustrating experience. And we don’t really want that when we’re playing such a relaxing game overall!

Be a God with the help of musical notes

A feature that not many are aware of – but a really fun one nevertheless is the fact that you can control nature and various aspects of the game by tapping the musical notes in a particular order.

You don’t have to do a lot of guess work, though as the notes you have unlocked are available by tapping the sun behind the clouds icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

My Oasis tips 2

These don’t have any influence over the gameplay itself, but give you the option to change some things and make the game your own a bit more.

Plus it’s really fun and adds to the relaxation levels, so make sure you give this feature a try. And remember: the higher your progress in the game, the more combinations you will unlock!

Complete Journeys

Journeys represent a really good way for you to get some puzzle pieces and bag some extra rewards for doing stuff that you would normally do in the game anyway.

Complete all journeys until they become too difficult to master, and remember to come back to them every now and then in order to try again and complete them. The more you do, the more puzzle pieces you have.

Plus, You will also unlock treasures this way (more about treasures below)

Tap the characters and chest

Apart from the musical notes, sometimes the various items in your oasis will have three dots above them. Tapping that will reward you with a large sum of hearts, so make sure you do it as soon as they appear.

There is also a chest that appears every now and then in the middle of the oasis. Tap that too and unlock it watching ads. It will hold huge amounts of hearts on most occasions, but also premium currency, so it’s a great idea to keep unlocking those as well in order to progress faster.

My Oasis Tips 3

Keep an eye on skills and Dandelion seeds

New skills are unlocked as you level up your Oasis and, once unlocked, you can use them to boost your earnings. Combining them usually results in humongous hearts gains, so make sure you do so and activate them in right order (for example, you want to activate Cherry Blossoms before Nature’s Affection in order to get even more hearts).

As you tap, you also collect Dandlion Seeds. You can activate the feature with a minimum of 1 dandelion seed and a maximum of 30.

This will reward you with the number of hearts per second based on the current level of your Dandelion Seeds skill and the number of seeds you own when you activate it decides the number of seconds it will be active (10 seconds for each seed).

It’s a good idea to max out the level of this skill before each use in order to increase your rewards.

Keep an eye on the treasures

There are 15 treasures that you can unlock in the game at the moment and they’re all pretty difficult to get to.

But keep an eye on them and know the requirements for each and work your way to unlocking them one by one. They offer huge bonuses for your hearts gains so they’re worth keeping close.

These would be our tips and tricks for the relaxing mobile game My Oasis. If you have extra strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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My Oasis Season 2 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. You didn’t say anything about the hidden/secret songs you can get. Those songs aren’t shown on the song list. I came here looking for those notes because there are literally no other sites about this game. So just some advice on maybe adding to this page more detailed stuff since no one else has any information about it.

  2. ive tried typing c’egbbdec’ to make the aurora but it never works for me. I also am.aware that it has to be night. I am not sure of the apostrophes near the C means anything. please help, anyone. thanks.

  3. A B and C look to almost be a firm of currency. Think of As as thousands, Bs as millions and Cs as billions. It’s really cool and simple number system and I love how it’s set up like that.

  4. The “rest bonus” on the “to do” list is frustrating. I don’t know what to do to get it. I acquired the Starry Pillow (2×), I play the game, I leave the game for a minimum of 30 minutes and almost up 2 hours and still nothing. Any tips?

    • Do you have the self cultivate for your virtues? If not, that is what you need to get, also upgrade your virtues and they will collect faster…hope this helps!

    • How do the virtues work exactly?? I upgrade them all the time hoping to see where the difference is since the heart value every upgrade increases in it, can anyone explain it? Also, how do you add more skills ? There’s a limited number on screen but in the upgrade menu there’s more options. New at the game here

    • Do you see the partly cloudy symbol at the top right? Make sure you have the main/advancement window (top left button that looks like a note page) closed, and you’ll be able to see the keyboard at the bottom of the screen. The note sequence song for Rain is [ f g f d e ].

  5. Does anyone know what “Song of Nature” events are? One of the daily tasks is to complete these events, but it doesn’t count when I use the various skills, or blow seeds, or watch ads, or click the […] Voices of Nature. I have max Cultivation, 3 Journeys, and 6 Treasures, lvl 1000, and am not signed into Google Play or the Cloud, if any of that helps. Thanks in advance!

  6. a relaxing game. I like the auras
    and its super addicting. the dev should update this game with new features like gardens.
    if you are always bored and stressed this is a good game


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