Red Reign Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Conquering the Battlefield

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From Ninja Kiwi, the creators of the legendary Bloons series, comes an all-new take on the real-time strategy genre: Red Reign! In Red Reign, players will send units into the battlefield to destroy their opponent’s headquarters. With no cards to upgrade, no units that are not available, it is just you and your wits here!

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In our Red Reign tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and the general gameplay flow, and how to always stay one step ahead of your opponent. Let’s get started with our Red Reign cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to conquering the battlefield!

Make a couple of units at the start!

At the start of a match, you will only have your headquarters built. You will automatically mine gold and wood over time, and these are the two resources you will need to build more structures and units.

Units cost more gold than wood, and structures cost more wood than gold. There are a few exceptions to this, but we will get to that later. During the beginning of a match, it is a good idea to rush the first two unit structures as fast as possible. This gives you access to your basic melee and ranged units, regardless of whether you are Orc or Human.

Get a couple units out before you start rushing the enemy base – maybe like 5 of your melee and 5 or your ranged. This way you can be prepared in the enemy sends a small group to assault you while you are away.

Tapping is everything!

One key mechanic about Red Reign is that it gives you more direct control over the things happening in the battlefield. Tapping is everything – you can tap on resource nodes to gather that resource faster, you can tap on enemies to attack them if they are within your base’s range, and more.

You can even tap and hold on your allied units to heal them slowly over time. If you follow a group to the enemy base, you can heal them back up to full provided they survive a skirmish. You need to be paying attention to the group however, because if you do not heal them up right away, they will probably fall at the next encounter.

But the main point to take away from here is that you should ALWAYS be tapping on something. If you are not following and watching one of your squads rush towards the enemy base, you should be at your own base either upgrading or building a structure, or harvesting resources faster.

Unit Breakdown!


Tier 1

Footmen are built from the Barracks. Footmen are the Human’s basic melee unit, capable of dealing decent damage and soaking up some hits thanks to their higher health pool. You will use these units to lead the charge into battle.

Archers are built from the Archery Range. Archers are your basic ranged units, capable of attacking from afar. A concentrated attack with a group of Archers will take down just about anything, as these guys are your main attackers. Keep them protected, and you will be able to take down.

Tier 2

After you build your headquarters to the second tier – the Bastion – you will gain access to more units.

Sorcerers are trained at the Academy once you have the Bastion. Sorcerers are your basic mage units. These guys cast magic spells that can hit multiple enemies that are grouped up near each other. They can take apart big armies, but they are even more fragile than the Archers, so moving them with a convoy is necessary!

Knights are trained at the Stables. These soldiers are on horseback, so they are the fastest moving units in the game and their overall power lies between Footmen and Archers. They are perfect for forming small squads to scout out areas.

With the Bastion, you can also upgrade the Barracks and the Archery Range.

The Barracks upgrade into the Armory, which unlocks the Soldiers. These guys are basically beefier Footmen, able to take more punishment before going down. Always good to have a big group of Soldiers!

The Archery Range upgrades into the Rifle Range, unlocking Riflemen. These expert marksmen will take down any target with relative ease, making them one of the most deadly units when grouped up.

Tier 3

Upgrading the Bastion into the Castle is the final form of the headquarters, and this is where you get the powerful siege units.

Build the Siege Workshop to unlock Catapults. These slow-moving war machine launch giant boulders at enemies, dealing heavy splash damage. If you can manage to get Catapults to the enemy base, it is almost a guaranteed win because the rocks do bonus damage to structures!

You can also upgrade Academy into the Wizard’s Tower to unlock Wizards, who have even more destructive spells than the lowly Sorcerers. With destructive

The Stables upgrade into the Noble’s Sanctuary, unlocking the Champions. Champions are even faster than Knights, and they hit harder and have more health as well. Use these guys to lead your army into battle.

Finally, you can upgrade the Siege Workshop right away to build the Artillery Factory, enabling the construction of Cannons. These massive tanks deal as much damage as the Catapults do, but they fire at a much faster rate, provided you can protect it until it can get to its target – these things are just as slow as the Catapults.


Tier 1

The Fight Pit unlocks Brutes, the Orcs’ basic melee unit. Brutes function just like the Footmen and serve as your basic frontline warrior.

The Sling Range unlocks the Slingers, the basic ranged unit. They do big damage over time if left alone, so they are your main damage dealers.

Tier 2

After building the Stronghold, you can upgrade the previous two structures and unlock two new ones.

Fight Pit evolves into the Gore Pit, which unlocks the Berserkers. Again, they are just beefier versions of the Brutes. Berserkers are your go-to melee units for taking up hits to protect the rest of the squad.

Sling Range evolves into the Spear Range, which unlocks the Impalers. They deal large amounts of ranged damage to single targets.

The Mystic Cave unlocks the Mystics. They cast long range magic to deal light area of effect splash damage to large groups of enemies.

The Beast Pen unlocks the Warbeasts. They also just function just like the Knights, and can lead the charge into battle.

Tier 3

You may now upgrade to the Citadel, which unlocks all the final unit tiers.

The Trolls’ Den unlocks the SiegeTroll, a massive hulk of a troll that wields a boulder. The Troll’s Den evolves into the Thunder Den, which unlocks the ThunderRock. Both of these units function exactly like the Human counterparts.

The Mystic Cave evolves into the Hell Fissure, where Warlocks can be trained. Warlocks are perhaps the most different unit from the Human version. Warlocks transform into powerful melee units and rush into battle, dealing extreme damage to anything caught in their path.

The Beast Pen evolves into the Iron Forge, where Ironbeasts can be trained. They are basically sturdier Warbeasts.

Capture more resource nodes to expand!

Certain maps may have additional neutral structures or resource nodes on the map. If you send your units down the lane they are in, they can be captured if your units are close enough; simply tap on the structure and hold until it is yours.

If you can reach a resource node before your opponent does, you will have a large advantage over them. If they cannot wrestle it out from your control, they will be in a lot of trouble if they leave it unchecked!

This is especially important because most of the extra nodes are gold mines, which means that you will be able to produce units much faster that your opponent does. Bottom line: expanding is very important on the maps that allow it, and if your opponent gets a hold of a mine, you need to take it back!

That’s all for Red Reign! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Red Reign Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Conquering the Battlefield

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