Record Run from Harmonix comes with a pretty interesting approach to the endless runner genre, making it not so endless and having it run on your favorite songs, as we have already told you. Now we’re here to talk some strategy as in this article we have to share with you some Record Run cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get the seemingly impossible 5 star rating for your favorite songs (or the default ones).

It won’t be easy, but here’s what we have for you in terms of Record Run tips and strategy:


1. Play with the sound on
This might sound like the pretty obvious thing to do, but I have to say it, as I have tried to play the game both with the sound on and off. It helps a lot to get into the rhythm and “feel” the race, so if you play with the sound on, you have more chances of doing a lot better in the game.

2. Watch the green markers
The pulsating green markers are all that matters if you want a high score in Record Run. You need to avoid the obstacle as soon as you land on that green tile, to get the Perfect bonus and a better score. Instead of feeling the rhythm here it’s best to just look at those green markers during the race and perform the required action (slide, jump, whatever) when you’re on green.

3. Don’t hit any obstacles
Basically, it’s game over if you hit an obstacle because your Groove World meter is reset and you won’t get as many points. Play the races over and over again, learn to get over the occasional hiccup of the game that records your right slide as a jump and make sure you don’t hit any obstacle in the game. Doing so will give you a better score that going Perfect on 90% of the obstacles.

4. Don’t get any start game boosts
None of them are really helpful and you can use the money to purchase boosts otherwise, from the store. The Magnet is 50 records and rarely makes up for it, while the Sprint Solo was a boost that I never managed to put to good use, so I never got anything out of it. Keep your records and play on your own.

5. What Boosts to purchase
In my opinion, the only boost worth purchasing is the Groove boost since it increases the duration of the double scoring option. The others are not very useful, but if you have to purchase them, go for the Magnet second and if you can put the Sprint Solo to good use, upgrade it too.

6. Slide to the side
Most of the obstacles that you can jump over or slide under can be also avoided by sliding to the other side. Try to perfect this move first and only avoid the obstacles like this – it’s easier to follow and more difficult to perform the wrong move.

For now, these are our Record Run tips and tricks. If you have any other suggestions to help fellow players improve their game, let us know by commenting below.



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