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Rebel Inc Guide: Tips & Cheats to Quickly Stabilize Your Region

Rebel Inc Guide: Tips & Cheats to Quickly Stabilize Your Region

If you’re looking for a complete guide for Rebel Inc, filled with tips and tricks on what you should do to quickly win all scenarios on all difficulty levels, you’re at the right place! Because today, I am here to share with you some Rebel Inc tips and cheats in our complete strategy guide.

Rebel Inc is a brand new game from Plague Inc creators Ndemic and I already like it a lot better than the original. Even though it follows a similar style, it’s somehow better and more complex… and more addictive. I absolutely love it and I am sure you can say the same.

But we’re not here to praise the game, although it does deserve a lot of that! Instead, we’re here to talk strategy, so let’s just do that by checking out a complete set of Rebel Inc tips and tricks below.

Find the perfect starting point for your base
Each scenario has some very important areas that make or break the game (such as the Mountain Pass in the similarly named scenario), so you should always keep an eye on those.

But simply deploying your base there rarely makes sense. Usually, the best place to start your operations is an area with great infrastructure – roads going in all directions in order to facilitate the gathering of intel and building of new operations.

I also recommend choosing an area that would make it very difficult for you to destroy insurgents if they spawned there. This means that you should try to go for areas that are as close to the center, yet not too far from a corner. Usually, insurgents spawn in the opposite direction. If you have them spawn in an area that’s easy to manage and you can trap them eventually, it makes your life a lot easier.

How to invest in operations
The operation are the most important aspect of the game, but deciding how to invest is challenging. Yet, this is the key to victory, so we have to talk a lot about this. First of all, let’s talk about each Operation a bit:

Civilian: These are going to be the ones you’ll probably research the most of. These expand the influence you have over the map, help you gather intel faster and increase stability in all areas.

Government: I think that the main use of this Operation is the removal of corruption. Apart from that, there’s a bit more damage control that can be done here, depending on the situation.

Military: Fully focused on fighting insurgents, this Operation comes with pros and cons. You do want to build an army and keep the rebels under control, but at the same time this is costly and makes your job to stabilize the area a lot more difficult.

So… with three operations available, each with tens of potential options to unlock… what to work on first?

I start all my games with these researched as soon as the game starts: in the Civilian Operations – Services Discussions and Water Supplies, Infrastructure Discussions and either Dirt Roads 1 or Main Roads 1 and in Government – District Representatives.

This is done to fully optimize gathering of intel – which is essential early on, but also keep your civilians happy. This will also increase inflation a bit, so you will have to wait a while before investing again. I normally wait a few months before getting a couple more Government operations: The Outreach Office and the first Anti-Corruption bit.

Afterwards, the insurgents will rise. As soon as that happens, you have to build your first military unit. Depending on the funds you have on hand, you will have to deploy two soldiers (go for Coalition since they are fast to deploy) and, if possible, the Interpreters and Guide which helps the soldiers gather intel faster.

After a few more months, you should start working on your first set of National Soldiers. This take an awful lot of time to be ready, but they have major benefits over the Coalition ones.

But from here on, things get a bit more complicated and additional investments in Operations change depending on the situation. You want to invest as much as possible in the Civilian ones in order to increase your Stability, while also making sure that you’re not left behind in Government (keep the Corruption in check!) and Military as well. Normally, I would say that having 4-5 soldier units is enough until the end of the game.

Keep an eye on Inflation and Corruption!
When you unlock operations, the Inflation level increases, meaning that buying many operations in a row is not really the best idea, since you end up paying more. But sometimes you have to do that, so don’t delay purchasing new ones just because you want to always keep inflation low.

Inflation decreases over time and does so at a relatively decent pace even on Brutal, so it’s not awful in the long run. Just make sure it doesn’t get out of control.

Corruption also increases with purchases (and various random events that take place in the game) and you should keep that in check as well. Although it’s a bit more difficult to do so, you have a great weapon against Corruption: The Government operations in the Anti-Corruption branch. Just make sure that you unlock those constantly and you’ll have no problems in this area either!

Keep some money in the coffers
It’s easy to run out of money in Rebel Inc, especially with so many pressing things to do. But my recommendation is to always have some money saved up – at least $10, in case a random event pops up and need you to spend money for the best outcome.

Start deploying local soldiers
I mentioned them earlier and I have to talk about them again. In the military operations, you have two options when it comes to deploying soldiers:

Coalition Soldier – stronger and available for deployment almost instantly, but they run higher risks of upsetting locals and they also run the risk of being called over by the Coalition. In other words, you will generally have to sacrifice more reputation more often to keep them fighting.

National Soldiers – they are weaker and take forever to build, but they don’t have the added risks of the Coalition soldiers and are better accepted by the locals.

Therefore, you should find a balance here and be ready for a complete recall of the Coalition soldiers. My recommendation is to deploy 2 coalition soldiers first, 1 National one, 1 Coalition soldier again and then constantly work on National soldiers.

Stability and reputation
While stability is the most important factor in the game – getting to 100% wins the game for you, your Reputation is also important and you have more control over it.

Basically, the reputation is your special currency that can be used to keep troops deployed for longer amounts of time and get favorable event outcomes for you. But keep an eye on it and have in mind that if your reputation reaches 0, you’re defeated.

The reputation is easier to manage on lower difficulty levels and a lot more difficult on Brutal, so think well when making decisions that affect it. Some of the bad ones are not so bad if you look at the overall effects – and if you save some critical reputation points, they’re even more worth it.

Peace or no peace?
Eventually, after you’ll start giving rebels constant hell on the map by destroying them over and over again, you will have the chance to start Peace negotiations with them.

Usually, this is the best and easiest route to win the game – once peace is established, your path to gaining 100% stability is a lot easier.

But you don’t really have to do it, even after starting Peace negotiations. You can still delay the signing of the peace treaty, so if you’re close to winning without it, you can give it a final push or two. There are achievements associated to this and an additional level of challenge if you want to go the “war till the end” route.

How to unlock Rebel Inc Cheats, Leaders and More Maps
There are currently 6 different Governor types in the game, each new one coming with a specific trait or more. In order to unlock these, you will generally have to beat all maps on Normal or Brutal. The only exception is the Warlord – the most difficult to unlock, which requires you to beat each map on Brutal. Ouch!

A similar thing goes for the maps available in the game. It’s five of them right now, and unlocking each of them is done by beating the previous one on Normal or Brutal.

Finally, we have the cheats. These really make the game a lot easier (but, like all cheats do, also ruin a bit of the fun). In order to unlock them, you have to beat each map with every governor available in the game on Brutal. In other words, it’s the most difficult part of the game. However, if you really want to get them fast, you can unlock the cheats via IAPs.

These would be, for now, our Rebel Inc tips and tricks. If you have some additional strategies to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below. Also, if you have some specific questions or problems with the game, let us know as well and we’ll do our best to help.

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Rebel Inc Guide: Tips & Cheats to Quickly Stabilize Your Region


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  2. Thank you….I was able to win on the weekly challenge normal with a score around 4200 with this strategy. I would like to learn to increase my score.


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