We love playing the recently launched Rebel Inc from the creators of Plague Inc, Ndemic Creations. However, the game is now only available on iOS and it seems that the Android users have once again drawn the short stick.

But when is Rebel Inc coming to Android, if ever? This is the question that we’re going to answer today.

Fortunately, even though Rebel Inc originally launched as an iOS exclusive, it won’t stay like that for long. The developers themselves have officially confirmed that an Android version is in the works. On the game’s official website, we are told:

When will it come to Android/Google Play?
We are working hard to bring the game to Android as soon as possible in 2019.

Not exactly a release date, but any confirmation is a good sign. And we can also look at the release schedule for Plague Inc to estimate the date.

So, Ndemic’s first title was launched on iOS in May 2012, while the Android version came some 5 months later, in October. I believe that something similar will happen with Rebel Inc, meaning that we’ll probably see the Android version of the game launched as early as March 2019, although April or early May is probably the safest bet.

Not really the longest waiting time ever – and until Rebel Inc for Android becomes a reality, you can prepare to rule the game as soon as it starts by checking out our complete guide.

Alternately, if you also have access to an iOS-powered device, you can download the game from the App Store right away.


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