Kongregate just launched Realm Grinder on the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide, but their app seems to have gone under the radar this time. However, their idle clicker game is absolutely amazing in my opinion and I’ve been playing it like crazy since launch. And today I am here to help you get the most out of it by sharing some Realm Grinder cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide.

We’ll learn about the best factions to choose in the game, how to maximize your profits quickly, how and when to Abdicate and everything else. You’ll become an ace at this game, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Realm Grinder tips and cheats!

Best Side to choose: evil or good?
Relatively early in the game, you will get the option to choose between Evil and Good, each with different structures and different sets of bonuses available.

I personally believe that you should always go for Evil, because their upgrades and bonuses are mostly based on offline production, meaning that you will get more resources when you are not actively tapping and playing the game. And this is a huge advantage, because you will spend most of your day not playing Realm Grinder (hopefully).

Now, even after choosing the Evil side, you will have to choose one faction: Goblin, Undead or Demon. Each has, again, different skills that you can unlock and I would personally consider them best to choose in the order they are listed: start with Goblin as they make it easier early on to make a lot of money.

After one or two Abdications, go for Undead since you’ll be producing more money and you’ll be able to take advantage of their more advanced bonuses and finally, after a few more Abductions, choose Demons – I still have to test this last bit of information as I am still playing the Undead, but it seems the logical thing to do.

Each faction gives you different bonuses based on the buildings in the game, but you should still try to keep things pretty much even and not wait for too long upgrading a single category. Even with the bonuses, it’s still the more expensive building that will produce most of your income per second!

How to handle your Mana
This is an extremely important element in the game as you will be able to gain huge amounts of money in little time using the special skills that mana gives you. My suggestion is to always wait to get full mana, then use the 600-cost skill (Blood Frenzy for the undead) which increses production of all evil buildings by 1000% for 20 seconds.

Then, quickly use a Tax Collection, which instantly collects 30 seconds worth of income from your buildings (so you will get the boosted amount). Build anything you can build with the new money – do so quickly and focus on the undead buildings in order to increase your income even further, then use a Tax Collection once more. This way, you will make a huge chunk of money very fast.

Afterwards, simply wait for your mana to replenish, rinse and repeat. This is extremely easy and offers you a huge in-game advantage for making money quickly.

Abdication Guide
Every now and then, you can Abdicate basically resetting the game and starting from scratch. But you get a huge bonus: the Gems you generated during your playthrough will give you 2% production bonus EACH, while increasing your chances of getting faction coins by 3%. In other words, it’s worth doing so and you should do so in order to facilitate your progress through the game!

When you abdicate is extremely important. The game recommends you to be patient early on, but I don’t really recommend that. I abdicated when I only had 43 Gems for the first time, but it was a good thing to do.

I quickly managed to build my Realm back to where it was before abdicating and it was a lot easier for me to progress. I went to sleep, came back and abdicated again, this time with over 4,000 Gems. From here on, things get a lot easier.

Progress will eventually stall when you play, making it more difficult for you to buy more buildings or upgrades. But the most important thing, it will take you ages to reach the next gem.

That’s when you should Abdicate again and take advantage of the new production bonus. I would suggest waiting for at least 1,500 new Gems before each abdication in order to make it worth it – but pushing towards 2,000 or more is even better.

Finally, don’t forget to invest your first coin after the reset in activating the Gems’ bonus – then start over.

Don’t forget about the Faction Coins!
As you play the game, you collect Faction coins that drop randomly (more often if you tap the screen as well). These can be used to increase your production revenue, so make sure that you always spend them.

Set your meter to “Buy Max” and buy them all – but never spend the faction coins for the faction you’re currently playing, because you will need those coins to unlock upgrades which are more useful than the bonuses you get here. But for all the other factions – spend that money fast!

This would be everything I think you should know about Realm Grinder. There seems to be an extra option available, marked by some question marks on a blue button, but I haven’t unlocked it yet. If you have and you have some extra tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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