Are you ready to enter the ring? We’re back today with another boxing game! This time, we’ll be talking about Real Boxing 2 CREED! Real Boxing 2 Creed is the tie-in game with the upcoming movie CREED. Create your own fighter and train under the legendary Rocky Balboa as you rise up the ranks and become the world champion, along with help of our guide, of course! Let’s get started with our Real Boxing 2 CREED cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t rapidly punch!

If you just randomly tap your screen like crazy and not pay attention to your opponent, you’re going to run out of stamina very quickly. When you’re out of stamina, your punches become much slower and have more end lag, leaving you wide open to counter attacks. Punch in moderation and watch your stamina! If you start to run low, go on the defense for a little while.

2. Land your hits!

Going off of the first tip, you want to try to land as many hits as possible. Each level has three stars to obtain, and how many you get depends on how many of your attempted attacks actually land. Blocked attacks don’t count, so be careful! Pay attention and try to read your opponent. Figure out when he’s going to defend and when is the most opportune time for you to attack.

3. Keep up your gym training!

You can hit the gym for some supplemental training. As long as the timer is going, every action you make in the gym counts towards upgrading that stat point. Once you get enough points and fill up that bar, you’ll earn a permanent point towards that stat. Be sure to go back to the gym every now and then just to beef up your fighter.

4. Rely on charge punches!

Charge punches are the way to go. You can charge any move – jabs, hooks, uppercuts, if you hold down instead of just tapping. Your gloves will begin to glow to let you know your swing is fully charged. When you let go, you’ll deliver a stronger blow. It is much more efficient to use these instead of rapid light hits. However, if you notice that your opponent is blocking a lot and you can’t land a charge hit, it might be better to just sneak in fast hits every now and then. This goes for you as well! Be sure to block charged hits.

5. Buy some gear!

If your base stats aren’t enough, you can also deck out your fighter in some customized gear. The gear isn’t just for looks, either! Each piece of equipment will boost your stats in some way. If you need that extra edge, consider buying some new gear. They’re usually kind of pricey, but it’s worth it in the long run.

6. Know when to block!

That block button isn’t there for show – know when to use it! As mentioned above, throwing out lightning fast punches usually won’t get your far, and instead it’ll make you tired faster. Use slower, more precise punches. Your opponent is going to try to do the same thing, so you have to know when to block. When you get low on stamina, block and recover. If your opponent goes on the all-out offense, block!

That’s all for Real Boxing 2 CREED. If you’ve got any other fighting tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. always look for glowing stamina and start hitting with your left rapidly.. Almost always knocks the opponent down..
    When knocked down, hit the button before you reach green area and leave it fast..

  2. I can’t seem to get a win in this tournament which the winner wins by points and stamina? I’m clearly landing more punches than my opponent I mean it’s obvious! What am I doing wrong?


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