Real Boxing 2 is a free-to-play fighting game created by Vivid S.A., available to play on Android and iPhone. It has great graphics and is not one of those button-mashing fighting game that can get dull after a while- this involves some well thought out moves and well placed punches!

Players train and fight to master the jab, uppercut, and hooks to beat their opponent in the ring and become the ultimate fighter. As well as some training at the gym, players are encouraged to purchase equipment to help increase their stats of Strength, Stamina, Speed, and Health. Players start out quite low with just enough to win the basic fights, but as the game progresses it is worth training at the gym and thinking about buying some gear such as Gloves, Shorts, and Shoes- all of which can give you some advantage over your opponent by boosting your stats.

Increase your stats with XP and by purchasing gear

Gear is sorted into four categories: Normal, Rare, Unique, and Premium. Normal gear doesn’t increase your stats. You can get Rare, Unique, and Premium gear by purchasing Lottery Cards which come in levels of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, or with diamonds or coins earned in-game. The better the Lottery Card- the better the gear you can win. Gold and Silver cards can be bought with diamonds, while the Bronze can be bought with gold coins.

Lottery Tickets can be bought with diamonds or gold coins.

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The best gear available comes in sets that players can purchase with real money, such as the Manny Pacquiao set below. These sets typically offer substantial increase in all stats.

These packs can boost your stats considerably plus offer coins, diamonds, and XP.

Here is some of the best gear available for players in Real Boxing 2 that can be won with tickets or bought with diamonds or coins:


FireballFully refill special move 30s before first round endsRARE
XiaIncreases combo damage by 10%RARE
FreedomIncreases health regeneration by 10% while in clinchRARE
VIP Devastate the opponent’s face twice as fastRARE
InkStamina+9, Strength+6, Speed+6UNIQUE
VivaStrength+12, Health+12UNIQUE
PatriotStamina+9, Strength+15UNIQUE
Dark BirdStamina+9, Speed+4, Health+4UNIQUE
WhirlpoolStamina+1, Strength+4UNIQUE
ToxicSpeed+5 (Set=Speed+25)PREMIUM
ScorchStrength+30 (Set=Strength+100)PREMIUM
HuskStamina+30 (Set=Stamina+100)PREMIUM
BloodlinesStamina+3 (Set=Stamina+25)PREMIUM
Heavy MetalHealth+5 (Set=Health+25)PREMIUM
GolumHealth+32 (Set=Health+100)PREMIUM


CombustionFully refill Superfocus 10s before end of last roundRARE
NeutronEarn 100% more XP in GymRARE
VIP TrunksDevastate the opponent’s face twice as fastRARE
PixelStamina+2, Strength+2, Speed+1UNIQUE
JetStamina+4, Speed+4, Health+9UNIQUE
LibertyStamina+12, Speed+16UNIQUE
Zhanshi Speed+15, Health+9UNIQUE
NeonStrength+3, Speed+9, Health+9UNIQUE
ToxicSpeed+10 (Set=Speed+25)PREMIUM
Heavy MetalHealth+10 (Set=Health+25)PREMIUM
BloodlinesStamina+10 (Set=Stamina+25)PREMIUM
NorthstarStamina+20 (Set=Stamina+47)PREMIUM
ScorchStrength+25 (Set=Strength+100)PREMIUM
HuskStamina+25 (Set=Stamina+100)PREMIUM


SparkUnlimited Stamina 10s before end of each roundRARE
Electron100% bigger reward from daily tasksRARE
VIP BootsDevastate the opponent’s face twice as fastRARE
ClaySpeed+4, Health+1UNIQUE
EarthquakeStrength+3, Speed+3, Health+6UNIQUE
PalmStrength+6, Speed+6, Health+9UNIQUE
PunkStamina+6, Speed+6, Health+10UNIQUE
RoyalStrength+9, Health+15UNIQUE
DragonStamina+16, Strength+12UNIQUE
BloodlinesStamina+3 (Set=Stamina+25)PREMIUM
ToxicSpeed+5 (Set=Speed+25)PREMIUM
Heavy MetalHealth+5 (Set=Health+25)PREMIUM
ScorchStrength+30 (Set=Strength+100)PREMIUM
HuskStamina+30 (Set=Stamina+100)PREMIUM
GolumHealth+32 (Set=Health+100)PREMIUM

We hope that helps you decide what gear you will take out into the ring. Don’t forget to train hard in the Gym too!

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