Ready or Not Crystal Meth Packet Location Guide


Ready or Not is a tactical, squad-based shooter where moment-to-moment decision-making is the key to survival. The city of Los Suenos is overrun with crime, and drug hideouts are everywhere. The “Twisted Nerve” mission sees your team infiltrating a key location of methamphetamine storage. Today, we’ll show you where to find the crystal meth in our Ready or Not crystal meth packet location guide! Let’s get going!

Ready or Not: Where to Find All Crystal Meth Packets

In addition to your standard objectives, Twisted Nerve features two more objectives where you must secure two crystal meth packets. Since the map is so large, finding the crystal meth can be troublesome if you don’t know where to look. That’s where we come in!

Crystal Meth Packet 1 Location

Thankfully, the very first crystal meth packet is easy to locate, as it’s pretty close to the beginning of the level. From the start, go through the small shed and out the other side. Go up the small staircase, and you’ll be in the front yard of the house.

Go up the bigger staircase to get to the front door. Breach and clear, as there will most likely be a few drug addicts on the other side waiting to ambush you. Once you’re in the first room, you’ll see a lot of ways to go: a door on your right, a hallway to your left, another door straight ahead, and a big hole in the right wall.

We want to go through that big hole in the wall, as it leads to the kitchen, where you’ll find the first crystal meth packet. Be careful, as there can be drug addicts hiding in here. Make sure to clear your corners, then enter.

Once you’re in the kitchen, you’ll find it in complete disarray. There’s trash everywhere, so move through it all and get to the fridge. The fridge’s door has been completely torn off, but inside you’ll see a cardboard box with the first crystal meth packet.

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Crystal Meth Packet 2 Location

The second and last crystal meth packet is located further in the back of the map, so there’s a good chance you’re going to run into multiple enemies. Be on guard!

Once you’re done in the kitchen, head back out through the big hole in the wall. You want to open the door on your right, as it’ll take you to the backyard. Look around, and you should see a large shack in the back, so head over there.

There’s an entrance on the side, but if you go around the back and up the staircase, there’s another entrance above. Both work as they lead to the same area, but we go through the first side entrance.

When you go in through the first side entrance, turn to your right and go through the door. Once you’re through the door, immediately turn left, and you should see the unrefined crystal meth glowing in a box before the staircase.

That’s it—you now have all the crystal meth packets. All you need to do now is secure any remaining civilians, and take out all hostile suspects.

That concludes our crystal meth packet location guide for Ready or Not. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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Ready or Not Crystal Meth Packet Location Guide


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