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Ready 2 Die Codes

Get all the latest prize codes for Roblox Ready 2 Die right here in our code list.

Ready 2 Die is a chaotic multiplayer zombie shooter experience on Roblox. Players start out on a randomly chosen map, armed with their favorite weapons and supplies. One player is randomly chosen to be a zombie, and should another player fall to a zombie bite, they become a zombie too! This continues until either the survivors are wiped out or they survive until the timer runs out. To improve your chances of survival, redeem these Ready 2 Die codes for some helpful freebies!

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Ready 2 Die codes

Active Ready 2 Die codes

Here are all the active codes you can redeem in Ready 2 Die for helpful consumable items.

  • TWITTER – Aquatic Crate
  • AV01D – Chronox Armor x 15
  • SUPERFX – Skincrate x 5
  • GENZEST – Premium Crate
  • HOT – Hot Cocoa x 10
  • CANE – Candy Cane x 10
  • GINGER – Gingerbread Cookies x 10

Expired Ready 2 Die codes

Here are all the expired codes for Ready 2 Die.

  • 500M – Chronox x 5
  • 1000M – Strawhat x 3
  • LUCIS – Yeti Helmet x 15
  • BDAY – Cake x 15
  • DELAY – Penguin x 8
  • DEMO – 1,000 cash
  • SUGAR – Candy Cane x 6

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How to redeem Ready 2 Die codes

Here’s how to redeem prize codes in Ready 2 Die.

  1. Launch Ready 2 Die.
  2. Join any multiplayer server.
  3. On the main menu, press Ailbric – Redeem code and type in your code exactly as it appears.
  4. Press enter/return on your keyboard to confirm the code and receive your rewards.
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Where to get more Ready 2 Die codes

As always, keep an eye out on our code list, as we’ll update it whenever new codes drop. If you want to look around for yourself, all three main developers from Studio Lucis are active on Twitter, and you check them out at @ailbric, @sleeperhitrogue, and @Synween. Although, after doing a quick look, we couldn’t find any codes across all three accounts, though this may change in the future.

Studio Lucis also has a Discord server, and we had much better luck in there. Most of the codes are posted in the game announcements channel, but that channel gets a lot of messages, so they’re somewhat hard to find. We had better luck just searching the chat channels.

Did we miss a code? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll update accordingly. Be sure to check out our dedicated Roblox section for more guides and codes.

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Ready 2 Die Codes