Raziel: Dungeon Arena has become a popular action RPG following its release in September and fans of the game will be pleased to know a plethora of new content has arrived. This includes a new hero, Halloween-themed costumes and a bunch more.

The headline addition is, of course, the new character. She is a fiery elven druid called Pirrosa Mander and finds herself having to ally with the humans for the sake of defeating the undead invasion. You’ll be able to unlock Mander by gathering Blazing Mysterious Shards or Almighty Shards.

Mander will perfectly complement any melee-focused champions such as Bison and Rock. This is because she is capable of slinging fire spells from a distance alongside also being able to shapeshift, which will introduce some interesting gameplay options. Pairing her with the ice mage Alina Stewart could also be entertaining, combining Alina’s freezing crowd control abilities with Pirrosa’s heavy-hitting fire spells.  

If an elven mage isn’t appealing you might still be interested in the new mercenary system that’s been added to Dungeon Arena. This will allow players to recruit companions who will loyally fight alongside them. They can be equipped with a variety of weapons and armour alongside having unique abilities to make use of.

Beyond that, developer Indra has also added new content elsewhere in the game. That means a new guild-based game mode called “Guild Resource War” where members will challenge regions twice per day to earn points for their guild in the rankings. There’s also a hard mode for Chapters 1-5 of the campaign, Tavern Challenges, Abis Demon Land floors and World Map zones.

And speaking of role playing, each main hero in Raziel gets a Halloween costume that’s available to unlock. These costume sets provide a tiny boost in stats, but mainly add an element of humor to Raziel’s serious gameplay.

Looking for a new action RPG to play on your phone? You can download Raziel: Dungeon Arena for iOS and Android for free right now.


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