Rapala Fishing: Daily Catch sends you fishing all over the world and does so in style, with a ton of amazing fish waiting for you to capture them and set new records. There are a ton of other stuff for you to unlock as well, from lures to lines and everything a fisherman needs to become the best and the game itself is extremely fun and challenging – but at the same time relaxing. Because who doesn’t love fishing?

But we’re not here to praise the game! We’re here to check out all the Rapala Fishing: Daily Catch cheats and tips that will help you get better at the game, complete the missions to level up and capture the biggest fish there were. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Rapala Daily Catch tips and cheats!

1. Only cast where the fish are
Every time you start fishing, look in the water to see where the fish are jumping around. That’s the place where you have to cast: move the marker there and swipe upwards to cast the lure. If you swipe too fast, too slow or to the sides, that won’t be a perfect cast. Don’t even waste time with those types of casts, simply try again and only go with perfect casts because only those will put you where the most fish are.

2. Ignore the fish you don’t need
Your challenge is to capture a specific amount of a particular type of fish and the game makes it easier for you to achieve it by telling you what fish is about to bite and also having you swipe up after it bites to capture it. If you don’t swipe up, the fish will go and you can keep fishing and get a chance at a different fish. So unless you’re playing for fun, just ignore the fish you don’t need and wait for the right one to come and only when they bite swipe up and start your battle to capture them.

3. Use the right lure
Different lures attract different types of fish, so it is vital to use the right type of lure. Just go to your gear box and select the type of fish you’re trying to catch and the game will automatically list the best lures to use for that particular type of fish.

4. Learn the patterns for each lure
Each lure has a swiping pattern that you must master in order to maximize the chances of it attracting fish and there are 4 moves for each lure. It’s really easy to find the patterns: simply start swiping, and when you hit a correct swipe, a blue circle will appear on the screen. You will find that the second correct swipe shows you a slightly larger blue circle, and the third an even larger one. The fourth is the largest circle and it’s purple – and that marks the pattern. All the patterns that you found (even incomplete ones) can be checked out in the gear box under each lure type, so you don’t have to actually memorize them all for each type of lure.

5. Use the right line
If you want – or if you believe you will – capture large fish, it’s important to use better line. Each line you use has a limited amount before you have to refill and that costs in-game money, so always pay attention to that and make sure that you have enough money left. If you for some reason manage to run out of money and line, watch videos to get extra silver coins and buy more line. However, if you follow the tips listed in this article, you should have no such problems!

6. Take part in tournaments
Based on your reputation (level), you can join tournaments. These offer great chances for you to earn a lot of prizes and unlock even more great stuff to fish with, so make sure that you sign up for all possible tournaments and try to perform as good as possible.

7. Watch the line!
After a fish bites, the real fight begins. It’s really easy to bring all the fish to your boat: just keep an eye on the line and make sure it doesn’t go in the red for too long. Reeling too fast is not always the best idea, so try to alternate between fast reeling (dragging the reel to the bottom of the screen) or slower (moving it up). If the color of the line is starting to change from grey/white to green, yellow and goes towards red, try first to reel slower. If that doesn’t work and the line goes into the red, release it and watch the actual line in the water until it turns orange or green, then start reeling again. It is also vital to get all the black areas for boosts when reeling – otherwise it will be a lot more difficult, especially with larger fish. But if you follow these basic rules, you should be OK even with fish slightly larger than the maximum allowed by your line!

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Rapala Fishing: Daily Catch. Do you have anything to add? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. First, catch a bluegill. Second, leave it on the line ( don’t reel in). Third, wait for a northern pike or muskellunge to attack the bluegill (may be a bit of a wait). Tip: Use the bluegill as a lure and keep it in a confined area of pike/muskie for best results.

    • One more supplementary comment for this. It seems that pike attacks the bluegill only with some specific weight. Though there is no way to know exactly how much weight, I guess from my experience that the bluegill should be less than 2 pounds, 1 ~ 1.5 pounds would be a better target for pike.
      While you let the gill swim near pike, a white circle appears on the head of pike before it attacks the bait. This is the sign that the gill is the appropriate size for pike.

  2. I disagree with number 1.

    1) when trying to catch a set number of fish, its actually easier to catch the type of fish you want by NOT fishing the hot spot. In the hotspot you have so many fish hitting your lure you can actually hook the wrong fish on accident, outside the hotspot you can see which fish is eyeing/hitting your lure.

    2) only if going for bulk/certain sized fish should you use the hotspot, if going for sheer numbers you can still catch a fish every cast.

    I’d also add these tips and tricks:

    1) there’s a little “twinkle” sound when the lure first hits the water when fish with prizes are in the area. These fish also have sparkles around them. You don’t have to be in the hotspot to find them (its actually easier NOT to be)

    2) you can tell legendary fish are in the area when you hear a “jaws” theme when the lure lands instead of a twinkle. you only have one shot to catch a legendary fish per day, so if you miss it you’ll have to back out of the map and come back in after paying another fee.

    a) Legendary fish will look slightly different than normal fish and will swim erratically/act different than normal fish.

    3) you can tell when you have a “monster” fish hit your line as there will be a drumming sound. also, monster fish will/may look slightly larger and swim slower/erratically.

    • on (2) It should say: Only use the hotspot if you’re going for weight limit (catch 70 lbs etc) or larger fish. Use outside of the hotspot when trying to catch a certain number (10, 5, or in a time limit) as you will still catch a fish every cast, but it is easier to choose which one instead of wasting time reeling in the wrong fish.

    • Some great advice there Daniel, you must have been Rapala mad for quite some time, must admit tho that I am much the same. There is only one point you made that I would like to question tho and thats with regard to only gettin one chance at legendary fish, on a large number of occasions and on every single Lake I have caught more than one legendary fish and on one BARMY SUNDAY MORNING after loading our oven with a nice fresh leg of lamb I managed to produce 6 legendary fish from Lake Powell Rainbow Bridge by launching many casts but withdrawing unless the JAWS sound rang out, it a great way to gain gold quickly. I would be very interested to hear if you adopt that strategy and if so, how works for you. GETCHA NETZ WET LADIES N GENTS!!!!!

  3. Ok question. I’m level 9, have spent hours playing game, have never ONCE heard this ‘jaws theme’ sound. Cannot find legendary fish anywhere. Have fished different lakes, tried different lures, tried repeatedly casting into hotspots, casting outside hotspots, even going in a grid pattern all over the lake to cast in as many different places as humanly possible. No jaws music. Nothing.

    Any time i get the catch legendary fish challenge have to skip it, cuz no matter how long i try and keep casting, can never find one. Have spent hours trying. Only tip i can find online is listen for jaws theme. Do legendaries have to be caught in a certain order or something? Or at specific time of day? Do you need to be at a certain minimum level? There must be something I’m missing or doing wrong… or is it completely random and I’m just really unlucky?

    • Noticed something else strange. Everyone says there is a drum roll sound when a monster hits. Have caught many and never recalled hearing this so tried catching some to verify. Caught 3 monster trout, and a monster largemouth bass… did not hear drumming sound for any of them. Turned volume way up and even tried headphones. Some sound effect setting turned off?

      I DO hear twinkle chimes for reward fish all the time. But no drum roll, no jaws. Some kind of glitch?

      • I do hear the drum roll when catching a monster fish, but I’ve been stuck trying to catch a legendary Muskie for like a week now and I have never once heard the jaws music. I’ve tried everything.

      • There’s defanitly a ringing bell sound kinda like when you open an ‘ok time bait shop that has a bell hanging above the door so they know when someone comes in but if you’ve casted and see a twinkling fish and didn’t hear a bell sound, turn up your volume.

    • No Its not in order i just caught to legendary fish in a row i dont really understand it myself its confusing…..ive spent hours trying and finally paid off

  4. I have heard the jaws theme many times but thought it meant monster fish nearby. But I have caught monster fish and did not see or hear anything different just count goes up in achievements. Seems a little buggy.

  5. I have heard the jaws theme many times but thought it meant monster fish nearby. But I have caught monster fish and did not see or hear anything different just count goes up in achievements. Seems a little buggy.
    Edit:caught my first legendary, heard jaws theme, saw slightly larger fish, waited till it hit and snagged it! Also can now hear a drum roll for monster fish as they hit, you gotta be quick to hook em. Turned off vibration.

  6. Also the sound of the bite indicates if its small or big there is a snap sound if small a crunching sound if bigger I’ve heard the jaws theme multiple times but its never for the fish I’m fishing for I’m at level 26

  7. I have caught many legendary fish. Here is what I do…first I check the Rapala Times ( tip sheet that you have to pay 20 gold for) I will use the lure suggested in the tip sheet. Then I go to wherever I’m fishing for a legendary & I make sure I’m right on the jumping fish & i make sure I hit only green, no yellow or red. If I hit yellow or red I instantly recast. Then I listen when the lure goes in the water. Sometime I hear the tinkle sound but after casting perfect time after time I heat the jaws sound….dum dum dum dum dum dum! I don’t know how many times when I heard that sound I got so excited I recasted & blew it. Yes there is a difference in legendary & monster fish compared to normal ones. Sometimes they will be slower & have a slight belly & sometimes they will come up to the lure in a straight so all you see is the fishes head & mouth coming straight at you. My advice is cast cast cast. You will get one… just don’t freak out when the jaws sound comes & if you are not in a tournament stop & look at all the fish…you will see that big fish! If you get him on your lure TALE your finger off of that realign in real the second it turns red or you will pop your line every time! Happy fishing, I hope this helped!

  8. Yes eventually and the drum role when the fish bites isn’t a monster fish it’s a legendary I’ve caught plenty of legendarys and monsters I’ve as well noticed that if you catch so many of one type of fish the legendary will pop up as well after so many but I Agree agree with Daestii because that method is the quickest by Far so don’t get discouraged remember it’s still fishing Patience is Key happy fishing

  9. I’ve been getting a lot of larger fish that bite but when I swipe up they just leave? Am I not fast enough? Is it a line issue? Poke issue? Bait issue?

  10. Have a question about whether to keep or release fish. I’m only level 6 and I get one silver for releasing the fish. When I try to keep it, I notice I only get one silver also but it says MAX REWARD is this much (could be gold, silver and experience). How does the Max Reward work? Do I get more as I level higher? Thanks for any help I can get…..just getting into this game now but it’s addictive.

      • Yes there are sounds for lots of things. Jaws theme is for a legendary in the area, twinkling sounds are for fish with a lure in its mouth, drum roll sound is when you hook the legendary, and a smacking sound when you hook a fish means it will be a monster

  11. I am at level 53 and want to know how many levels are on the game. Every last one of my challenges at every spot in every lake are to catch a legendary fish. Seems i am at the end but new lures recently came available. Thanks

  12. Don’t enter the tournaments unless you live in the US because they won’t let you claim the prizes. They advertise it as worldwide tournament but say after its in the rules which you don’t see !

  13. A few things:

    DAESTI has it correct how to get Legendaries to show up. Add to that, it seems better to change lures every 5-10 casts. I often get Legenda after I change.

    As for making the hot spot become a secret spot, best I can tell catch 10 fish in a row, whatever fish then back out of the map. When you go back it should be there. It’s worked twice, I just found it today.

    Last add, lures definitely make a difference even aside from the newspaper recommendations. So test them, I have some that always hit heavier Monsters and some that only get smaller fish…and it changes daily.

    Lv28 now about 15 legends so far.

    OH and Legends are not based on one a day or one per trip. I have had two one one tournament before.

    MY QUESTION: Can anybody tell me what the green or red arrow mean when it shows up 1st in your lure pattern? I think it happens when you snag a bunch of fish and are personally “hot” but it disappears if your leave the map. Keeps the color if you just change lures though. The fish maybe look more active when it’s green and I notice it’s red when I do patterns too fast.

    Happy fishing folks! Fun game.

    • Forgot to add. You won’t hear the “jaw-like” theme to even attempt to catch a Legendary fish until you make the hot spot a secret spot (have the target circle) and cast perfect.

  14. Jaws theme occurs when legendary fish is around it happens most often casting in a secret area. Drumroll occurs when you hook the legendary fish. To find the secret areas the simplest way is to just cast everywhere eventually you’ll find one and ever day you’ll have to watch a video to keep it. Hope this was usefull

  15. Is there any tournaments for lower levels? I just gave up on a walleye tourny because all the places that get a prize are filled by people who have 4 legendaries worth almost 100 pounds and I was in 49th with 4 monsters at like 80 pounds. I just don’t see how a low level person with less options for gear can beat these level 40+. And since all the better equipment cost gold and alot of gold at that I don’t know how a low level is supposed to earn that kind of gold. Yeah sure I can catch monster size and up for gold but that’s usually not much gold and have to wait at least 2 hours for like 5 gold. Even tournaments only offer 200 gold for first and I just don’t see a level 12 getting first when theres level 90+ in the same tournament. Besides that it cost 300 gold for some of the lures I’ve unlocked and I’m only level 12 so I’m sure they get even more expensive. I’m trying to save 750 gold to upgrade my reel. How do they expect newer players to catch up? Besides the obvious pay to win thats in all these freemium games. Sorry for the rant just irritated by tournament’s lack of level cap to keep things even.

  16. I have learned that the only way to get the large amounts of gold needed is to do some of the free gold things. If you’re not willing to do that stuff it will take you forever.

  17. How do you catch the bull shark in Gulf Of Mexico? I tried every lure I have and they don’t even get interested. Do you have to be at a certain level? Or do you need a special lure I don’t have yet? It’s driving me crazy.

  18. A couple places say I need to upgrade my pole so I can reach the hotspot, both poles are already maxed out and still can’t reach them, help please

  19. Even tho Im level 53 I dont know how many fishing areas there are altogether. Are there more after Okeechobee??
    And I just got my first sponsorship but what do they actually do???
    Iis there no way to talk to other fisherman in game…or message??


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