Raising Archangel: AFK Angel Adventure is the latest Idle RPG by Super Planet. For those who are unfamiliar with the term Idle game, in this kind of games all you have to do is tap to claim rewards, upgrade your character, wait for resources and repeat the process. Pretty simple as the game basically plays it self with not a lot of player interaction.

Your goal is to raise an Angel and help them grow to fight enemies through different map stages and dungeons. Most of the combat system is automated so you don’t have to worry about it. Instead your main focus is to manage your Angel. Decide which skills to level up first, which stats and what gears to reinforce in order to increase their power.

There are four different type of gears in Raising Archangel. Weapon, Ring, Pendant and Earrings. Each type of gear gives different kind of bonuses.

In order to ‘Pick’ gears you need to spend Diamonds. There are more than one ways to earn Diamonds. Infinity Tower will reward you with Diamonds and Reinforcing Stones (you need those to Reinforce your Angel’s gears) every time you complete a stage. Daily quests is another way of earning Diamonds along with Repeating Quests.

Compose 5 gears of the same quality to get a higher quality gear.

You can reinforce gears by spending Reinforcing Stones. Don’t invest too much on low level gears (don’t go over lv50) wait until you get U quality. It shouldn’t take more than a few days until you have a U quality gear.

Reinforcing Stats and Skills

Start by maxing out Gold Acquisition (Maxes at lv200). The more gold you get the more resources you have to invest. Don’t bother with Critical Strike Damage until you have decent Critical Strike Rate.

Whenever you can, spam Arena. Not only you will earn gold (regardless win or lose) but you will also get Entry Tickets by completing the Repeating Quest. Use the Entry Tickets to challenge Infinity Tower.

Use Archangel Mode and Reinforced Sword of Justice skills to gain a burst of damage for a short period of time to help you kill the bosses.

If you can’t progress any more farm Dungeon for Spirit Stones and Reinforcing Stones to improve your gear quality and skill level.

You can exchange Diamonds for Gold and Tickets from the Store.

Overall Raising Archangel: AFK Angel Adventure is a nice game for people who only have so much time to invest in a game. The growth rate speed is good enough to give you a feeling of progression.

If you decide to give this game a go, let us know what you think about it in the comment section down bellow.

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