Build a mighty gang of fearless buccaneers as you explore the seven seas and plunder all the gold you can! Raids of Glory is a real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of building your own pirate stronghold. Become the most glorious gang in the land with the help of our Raids of Glory cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Upgrade your gold storage as soon as possible!


When you first start out, the maximum amount of gold you can hold at once is only 1000. The tutorial will have you build a gold storage, but that only ups it to 2000. You’ll quickly notice that the Reeking Rogue camps you raid at the beginning hold a lot of gold, usually around the 2000-3000 mark. To ensure that no gold is wasted, you should upgrade your gold storage as fast as you can. A level 2 gold storage increases your capacity to a whopping 7000 gold, which should be good for a while. Eventually, you’re going to want to keep all your storage buildings upgraded as much as possible.

2. Complete daily missions!

See that little clipboard at the bottom right? Here you can check and collect your achievement rewards. This is also where you can accept daily missions. Daily missions will give you a goal of some sort to fulfill. If you can, try to complete as many of these as you can as they offer you valuable skulls, the premium currency of the game. You can get new missions every day, so check back later!

3. Repair the lighthouse!

There’s a run-down lighthouse somewhere on your island. You can repair it for 1500 gold, and doing so unlocks player versus player matches, and gang options. Basically the lighthouse lets you interact with other players, so you want to try to repair it soon. Joining a gang is beneficial as you can get helped if you’re raided by other players!

4. Use the right units for the right structures!

Each type of unit does double damage against a specific kind of enemy/structure. For example, your starting Scallywags do double damage against resource buildings, like gold & rum storage buildings. On the other hand, Scoundrels – the first ranged unit you can unlock – do double damage against defensive buildings, like the rifle towers. Be sure to properly utilize your units, and make them attack the things they’re good against!

5. Use your units in tandem with each other!

One of the main obstacles you’ll face early game is enemy rifle towers. These towers can take out scallywags with 3 or 4 shots, so they’re pretty deadly. Try to find ways that make your units work together. For example, scoundrels can take out towers pretty easily, but they have even less health than the scallwags. What you can do is send in a group of scallywags first so that the tower focuses on them, then have your scoundrels come up from behind and take out the tower without retaliation. Doing this quick enough will ensure that you lose neither type of unit. Your units can have great synergy in the right situations, experiment and discover new strategies! Just be sure that when you deploy your units, it’s best to select one type of unit, then deploy them. If you mix units then deploy them, they’ll be a part of the same squad, meaning you can’t command them individually.

6. You don’t have to be aggressive!

When you select the option to raid another player’s stronghold, you don’t necessarily have to take them out. At the bottom left corner there is a gift button, and this allows you to leave a treasure chest full of minor goodies for the player. You might end up with new allies this way, rather than new enemies, if you want!

7. Don’t forget to defend your stronghold!

Other players will eventually try to raid your home. Be sure to think about where you’re going to put defensive buildings! Try to put walls at the beach and place towers around them, so that the enemies take damage while they try to break down your walls. Don’t skimp out on your defense, because if you are taken down, you’ll lose some of your resources to other players!

And with that, your stronghold should be on its way to glory! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



  1. What’s with the rats, gulls and parrots? You can shoot each but there is no consequence or result. Was there or will there eventually be one? (Extra gold,rum,skulls?)


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