Raid Shadow Legends Dungeon Bosses Guide

Raid Shadow Legends
Raid Shadow Legends

No matter the type of Raid Shadow Legends player you are, you will eventually get face to face with the Dungeon Bosses, powerful creatures that will require you to be at the top of your game to defeat them.

While you definitely already have some powerful and upgraded champions at your disposal, as without them it’s very difficult to even attempt getting through the dungeons, having powerful allies on your side may not be enough to overcome the challenge these bosses offer. So let us not waste any time and let us take a look at specific strategies to defeat the game’s four dungeon bosses with ease.

Fyro, The Fire Knight

Keeping true to his name, Fyro will overwhelm your party of different Fire-based skills. These are Dazzling Flames, a skill that attacks all your champions and apply a 30% decreased speed debuff, Searing Storm, another multi-character attack that also decreases maximum HP by 15% of the damage dealt, and Cloak of Fire, an incredibly annoying skill that reduces damage received by 80% and protects Fyro from any debuff.

As the Cloak of Fire skill is restored every turn, the only choice you have to get through the shield is by damaging it. As such, you should bring a party that can hit as hard it can, since debuff-focused characters don’t have time to do their usual magic. Buff-focused characters, on the other hand, are quite good, especially those who can increase the party’s speed. Characters with multi-hit attacks are also an excellent choice, as they can take down Cloak of Fire more easily than others.


Like for Fyro, The Fire Knight, defeating Hellrazor is mostly a matter of how hard and fast you can hit the boss when he is preparing to unleash his ultimate attack, Scorch. This attack is preceded by Inhale, a special ability that adds purple HP to the boss’ lifebar. The only way to prevent the boss from unleashing Scorch is by damaging the boss enough to deplete the purple HP bars. If the attack cannot be stopped, it will unleash tons of damage on your entire party, stunning them in the process. As such, you want to avoid this attack at all costs. Things become even worse as you wear the boss’ life down, as the purple HP bars will actually increase in number as Hellrazor’s HP gets lower. Make sure to apply debuffs as much as possible as you damage the boss to avoid getting surprised by Inhale and scorch.

As for the champions to bring into battle, always make sure to bring a good assortment of characters that can deal damage quickly, debuff effectively and support the party with buffs. Tanks are pretty much useless, as Scorch completely ignores defense, and will deal the maximum damage possible every time it is unleashed.

Klyssus, The Ice Golem

The battle against Klyssus The Ice Golem is made rather complicated by the Frigid Vengeance passive skill. The other attacks, Frost Nova, which deals damage to the entire party, and Numbing Chill, a 50% accuracy debuffs, are nothing to truly worry about. And for good reason: Frigid Vengeance is all Klyssus really needs to win.

Frigid Vengeance is a passive skill that is triggered once a certain HP threshold is it. This skill revives all dead minions, has a 20% base chance of freezing your champions and a 50% chance to ignore your defense on each attack. Things are made worse by the fact that these chances are increased for each minion that is still alive. As such, you should always focus on defeating the minions as quickly as possible: this will make the battle go on for much longer, but at least you can mitigate the effects of Frigid Vengeance significantly.

Frigid Vengeance activates at 75%, 50% and 25% HP on Stages 1-6. It activates at 80%, 60%, 45%, 30% and 15% on Stages 7-15.

Skavag, The Spider Queen

Skavag, The Spider Queen can be a very annoying boss if you are not thoroughly prepared. She can inflict tons of damage with Venom Spray if any champion is poisoned, she can decrease the Turn Meter by 30% with Enfeeble and spawn her terrible Spiderlings with Spiderling Horde. She’s also resistant to heal Reduction debuffs as well as to Stun, Freeze, Sleep, Provoke, Frea and True Fear. As such, do not bring debuff-focused characters, unless they can apply Poison and HP Burning, against which the Spider Queen has no resistance.

The Spiderling spawned with Spiderling Horde function both offensively and defensively: they have very little HP, but Skavag will eat one each turn to heal herself and increase her attack by 10%, so you have to take them out as quickly as possible to avoid prolonging the battle further and prevent Skarvag from unleashing one of her special attacks while buffed. Make sure to bring fast champions who can hit multiple enemies with their skills: with them, the Spiderlings won’t be much of a problem, and the Queen won’t keep her crown on her head for long.

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Raid Shadow Legends Dungeon Bosses Guide


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