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Ragnarok Origin Mini Boss Spawn Time

Ragnarok Origin Mini Boss Spawn Time
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Are you tired of playing the waiting game when it comes to encountering mini bosses? Don’t worry, it’s natural to feel frustrated if you’re having trouble finding mini bosses in Ragnarok Origin. Even in previous Ragnarok games, many players have voiced their concerns about the difficulty of locating bosses.

Fortunately, the developers have listened to the fans and come to the rescue with a handy gadget that helps players track down these elusive creatures. In this guide, we dive into the world of mini bosses and their spawn times in Ragnarok Origin.

When do mini bosses spawn in Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin
Image via Gravity Co., Ltd.

In Ragnarok Origin, mini bosses bring a whole new level of challenge compared to your typical encounters with regular enemies. If you’re on the hunt for mini bosses, look no further than the invaluable Boss Radar feature. This trusty companion will become your best friend, helping you locate boss creatures, including mini bosses, with ease.

Not only does the Boss Radar reveal spawn timings of bosses, it also provides insights into their potential spawn locations. You can purchase up to two Boss Radars daily from the Sundries Store for a reasonable price of 20,000 zeny each.

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When a mini boss is about to spawn, you get the following announcement:

Radar has recognized that the monster on this map, (monster name), shall be renewed.

Once this announcement appears, it signals that the mini boss will spawn in approximately 20 minutes. To optimize your chances of encountering the mini boss, swiftly switch to “Channel 1”, as the Boss Radar functionality is exclusive to this specific channel. Remember: using Boss Radar in any other channel would be a waste.

It is crucial to take all necessary precautions, as mini bosses are just as dangerous as MVPs. Additionally, these uncommon foes have the ability to summon regular monsters, making the encounter even more challenging.

Keep in mind that each day, you’re allowed to defeat up to five mini bosses and MVPs. In the event that you’ve already exhausted all your Boss Radars, you should consider joining a guild, where you can collaborate with fellow members to locate mini bosses and tackle them as a team.

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Ragnarok Origin Mini Boss Spawn Time