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Ragnarok Origin Best Mercenary Build

Ragnarok Origin Best Mercenary Build
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Getting more help with fighting bosses and monsters in Ragnarok Origin, farming everything more easily, obtaining more XP during those 120 minutes… Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, if you get mercenaries, you can count on all that and more.

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The mercenary system in Ragnarok Origin unlocks at level 20, and you will have several options to choose from. Still, we don’t recommend investing in more than one or two mercenaries because leveling up all of them will drain your resources easily. We created a comprehensive Ragnarok Origin best mercenary build guide so that you can make better-informed choices and avoid the mistakes we had to go through.

The Best Mercenary Build in Ragnarok Origin

First, we have to stress for the beginners that you don’t have a lot of freedom in creating custom builds for mercenaries in Ragnarok Origin. They come with predetermined jobs and builds, and you should pick those that make the most sense with your character’s job/class and your goal.


Each mercenary comes with a unique set of inherent and unlockable skills, but they also have their talent trees that become available as you level your mercenary up (at levels 50, 55, 60, and 70). The talents are the aspect of the mercenary system where you get some more control over the build because you can choose which of the two special buffs for each tier you want. Depending on the mercenary in question, you can get ranged physical damage reduction, increased damage to neutral monsters, etc.

Leveling Up

When it comes to leveling up your mercenaries, you can’t do much besides collecting the necessary resources in mercenary quests and hitting the Level Up button as you go. The stats are distributed based on each mercenary’s build, which you cannot affect on this level.


The same goes for gear and weapons. Your mercenaries have their own weapons and armor sets that you cannot change, but the good news is that you can upgrade them and better their stats by hitting the Gear Upgrade button (or Max Upgrade, to save yourself some time).

Who Is the Best Mercenary in Ragnarok Origin?

Ragnarok Origin Raygene gear
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It bears repeating—the biggest mistake that you can make with mercenaries in Ragnarok Origin is to invest your resources in too many of them. The best path is to choose one when you unlock this option and add another at level 42, but doing more than that becomes unmanageable easily—especially if you want to keep it F2P.

When it comes to choosing the best mercenary for you, this decision will depend heavily on what your class is and the synergy with the mercenary’s class and build. Always go for the complimentary roles. For example, if you’re playing as a Mage, Archer, or Acolyte, it’s best to choose Raygene, who is going to be your tank with his Vitality Knight build. He also deals a decent amount of damage with Sturdy Strike and Lion Howling skills.

Another great option is Lililah, thanks to her healing powers. If you’re playing as a Swordsman, you can get her right away when mercenaries unlock. Otherwise, try to get Lililah in the second slot—you won’t regret it.

We hope this guide helps you make use of the mercenary system in Ragnarok Origin! If you need more handy tips for this popular game, head to our dedicated Ragnarok Origin section for additional guides and build recommendations.

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Ragnarok Origin Best Mercenary Build


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