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Best F2P Class in Ragnarok Origin

Best F2P Class in Ragnarok Origin
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Have you finished the tutorial in Ragnarok Origin and now you’re sitting with anxiety at level 10 because you just can’t decide on the best job for your character? We get it—the stress of it all can be overwhelming even though you have only six options to choose from at this point.

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Still, if you want the best results in your F2P run in Ragnarok Origin, knowing which job/class to select is crucial. Even though this matter can be highly personal and depend on your gaming habits, we provide you with our recommendation for the best F2P class in Ragnarok Origin.

What Is the Best F2P Class in Ragnarok Origin?

Ragnarok Origin Swordsman
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We tried all of the jobs that you have access to at level 10 when you first decide on your class in this game, and the results are in. The best F2P class in Ragnarok Origin is Swordsman—at least, in our opinion.

This class gives you enough versatility to have fun with even if you are a complete beginner in Ragnarok Origin. You can decide to build your Swordsman either as a tank or a DPS unit, depending on what you like to focus on. Tanks are quite sought after in parties, but leaning more into DPS stats will prove to be useful when playing solo.

Best F2P Swordsman Build in Ragnarok Origin

Upon choosing Swordsman at level 10, your best option for leveling up is to focus on the main quest. This class has some great special skills like Bash and Magnum Break that you can unlock early on. When pets become available at level 22, you can choose any type as a Swordsman is a pretty balanced class. It would also be great to obtain the Iron Wrist from the Lv. 25 O-socket Accessory Selection Pack.

Ragnarok Origin Swordsman skills
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At level 40, you will be able to progress to a Knight and reset your stats or wait a little bit (until level 45) and make use of one of the presets. However, if you wish to focus on solo play, we advise you to invest points in STR primarily and acquire these skills:

  • Riding
  • Spear Mastery
  • Pierce Combo

If you’re interested in building a tank unit, then put emphasis on Sturdy Strike, Lion Roar, and Iron Will. The stats you will want to increase in this case are VIT and INT.

When you get the chance to craft weapons and armor, go for the Magic Spear, Combat Uniform, Wool Scarf, and Tidal Shoes.

That was our choice for the best F2P class in Ragnarok Origin. Let us know in the comments who your favorite is and make sure to explore the rest of our Ragnarok Origin section for more useful guides by TouchTapPlay!

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Best F2P Class in Ragnarok Origin


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