Ragnarok Crush is a free match-3 puzzle game featuring the cute and colorful monsters from the beloved MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Journey with your Poring friend to find the ancient gems of Ymir. You will need to battle through several match 3 levels to get to your destination, and our Ragnarok Crush cheats and tips is here with some hints on how to pass all the levels!

With tons of levels to play through and lots of cute monsters to play with, Ragnarok Crush is a must for any Ragnarok fan. Let’s get started with our Ragnarok Crush cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to beat all levels!

Collect your presents!

Some levels have a special gift waiting for you when you complete them. However, the game does not automatically give you the gift upon completion for some reason, so you will need to manually go back to the level select screen and tap the level in question that has a present icon over it. You can get free boosters this way, so do not forget to collect your presents!

Go for the special gems!

Striped gems are created when you match four gems. The direction of the line in the middle of the gem indicates if the gems will explode in a row or column. Use this to clear out lots of gems, or to hit hard-to-reach gems. Useful on levels that have separated board spaces!

Poring Capsules are created when you match five gems in a T or L shape. These function like bombs, and will detonate when matched. You can cause chain reactions easily with this much power, so try to make bombs often.

Angeling Potions are created when you match five gems. Swap this baby with any gem to instantly match all gems of that color on the board. Angeling Potions can easily win a level for you, so use them wisely when you get the opportunity to make one!

All of the special gems can be combined with each other in true match-3 puzzle game fashion, creating super gems that have explosive results! Special gems are the key to beating some of the trickier levels, so get in the habit of making them as much as possible!

Work towards the level goal!

Each level has a specific objective that you must complete. Most levels will ask you to earn enough points, while others will task you with manipulating the board in some way. Sometimes you will need to clear out boxes, and sometimes you will need to defeat some enemies. Either way, make sure you are not just mindlessly matching away in the corner or something, because you have limited moves!

Do not forget about your boosters!

The Deviruchi is basically a free Striped Gem on any gem you like, so this one is really useful in clearing out specific regions of the board. The Savage Babe, while not as useful as the others since it only lets you match one gem, can still be helpful in certain objective levels. The Ghostring is the one you want to use when you absolutely need to, as it is essentially a free Angeling Potion.

Do not worry if you run out of boosters, though. You can buy more with the coins you earn from beating levels. Savage Babe costs 1,600 coins, Deviruchi costs 2,400 coins, and finally Ghostring is 3,200 coins. Each purchases nets you three of the booster.

That’s all for Ragnarok Crush! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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