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Rage Road Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beating All Enemies & Bosses

Rage Road Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beating All Enemies & Bosses

Secret agent Jack is on the run from an endless hordes of bad guys, and it is up to you help him get out there alive! Rage Road is an arcade cover shooter where you shoot down enemy vehicles as they attempt to ram you off the road. With plenty of guns and fun outfits to choose from, there is no end to the fun in Rage Road.

In our Rage Road tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of surviving your first level. You gotta show those bad guys what for, and we will help you with our guide on gear and shooting. Let’s get started with our Rage Road cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to beating all enemies and bosses!

Shooting and Taking Cover

In Rage Road, Agent Jack Road is on the run from bad guys. They will constantly appear behind him on the road, and you have to shoot them down. Tap the screen and hold to automatically fire and aim. Drag around to move your crosshair, and try to aim for the enemies’ heads.

Your clip is shown at the left side of the screen. When you are out of ammo, Jack will automatically duck into cover and reload. You can also manually stop shooting by simply letting go of the screen. This is important to do because all it takes is one bullet to stop you dead in your tracks!

Whenever you kill an enemy, the markers at the top of the screen will fill up. When you fill up all markers, the level is complete! Keep taking down enemies and make sure to take cover and stay safe!

Enemy Guide

There are only a few enemy types to encounter in Rage Road, and we will go over all of them here. We will talk about the behaviors and the best way to take them out, so here we are!

Jeep & ATV Thugs

The first and most common enemy are just regular thugs. They will approach you in either jeeps or small ATVs. The jeeps will be carrying up to four thugs in it, and you have to watch out for their gunfire. They will approach you and when they are close enough, they will open fire multiple times.

Despite this, they are rather easy to take care of it – simply land a headshot on the driver, and all of the remaining thugs will be knocked out. The ATV thugs are even easier to take out, as it is just only one thug all the time. Headshots are a must!

Later on in the game, you will start encountering thugs that are wearing helmets. You will have to shoot the helmet a few times before it comes off revealing their weak head!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can always shoot out tires. If you target an ATV or jeep’s wheels, they will begin turning red. It takes about 4 shots to blow out a tire, but it is an instant kill for the car and whoever is inside it. This is a great alternative if too many thugs are wearing helmets!

Suicide Bombers

Watch out for these guys! Suicide bombers are distinguishable by their black and red get up and the alarming amount of explosives strapped to their chest. These guys are always alone on an ATV, and they will ride up to you slowly.

Once they get within a few feet of you, they will begin to slowly approach you. If you do not stop them in time, they will reach your truck and blow you to smithereens! They are quite fast when they are still trying to catch up to you, so the best way to deal with them is to let them get up close where they start moving a lot slower, then headshot them.

Make sure that you do not let any sneak up on you! Because of their small form factor, these guys can slip past other big vehicles unnoticed and get the jump on you. Do not let that happen!

Armored Trucks

These brown, big trucks are probably the most sturdy normal enemies you will come across. Their front bomber has plating on it, so you cannot target the wheels. Unlike regular vehicles, the cabin is completely covered, so you will need to wait for your openings.

These trucks are usually driven by two thugs, and you have to take out both of them in order to destroy the truck. They will stay hidden under cover until the truck gets close enough, then they will pop out and take shots at you.

Wait for the thugs to pop out, then quickly take shots. You may also find that these thugs are also wearing helmets, so watch out. Take care – the thugs in Armored Trucks are a little more accurate than your typical thugs, so make sure not to keep your head out for too long.

Boss Guide

Every ten levels, you will go up against a boss. There are really only two kinds of bosses in Rage Road, so we will show you how to beat them!


The Armored Personnel Carrier, or APC for short, is a massive van with many layers of armored plating on it. This thing is very sturdy and it will require many shots to take down, but beware of the massive mounted machine gun on the front.

Periodically, the machine gun will open fire and spray bullets in bursts. It is not very accurate, but you never know which bullet might graze you, so wait for it to be over under cover. When it is done firing, pop out and unload as much as you can into the APC, then rinse and repeat. The APC is fairly easy to defeat, you just need to be patient.

Attack Helicopter

The Attack Helicopter is the second boss you will face, and it is a little more involved than the APC, though arguable easier. The general strategy remains the same: simply shoot the helicopter wherever and it will continue to take damage.

The Attack Helicopter’s only method of attacking you is to launch rockets at your truck. These rockets travel somewhat slowly, so you have time to shoot them down mid-flight. If you let a single rocket hit the truck, it is curtains for you!

An easy way to deal with this – as long as you have aim assist enabled – is to simply rest your crosshair on the helicopter. When it fires a rocket, your crosshair will automatically snap to the rocket and you can just continue firing.

Getting New Gear

Whenever you complete a level, you will earn progress towards a gear chest. When you hit 100%, you will be shown a new piece of cosmetic gear. In order to actually claim the reward however, you need to watch an advertisement.

Take note that all of the gear you can get for Jack is completely cosmetic and has no effect on his stats or anything. So, if you are OK with the default look for Jack, it is perfectly fine to skip the rewards.

You do get cash every time you beat a level and take out bad guys, and occasionally you will be presented with a weapon shop whenever you finish a level. When the weapon ship appears is seemingly random, and that goes for the selection as well.

The weapon shop will have three weapons for purchase, while one of them will be locked behind an advertisement. Just hope that you have some money when you run into the weapon shop, because if you see something you like and you do not have enough money to purchase it, there is no telling when you will see it again!

There is no way to tell the stats of a weapon until you buy it, so your guess is as good as ours as to what weapons are better. One thing to keep in mind though is that the skinned weapons have exactly the same stats as the base weapons, so if you do not care about looks do not waste your money on the skinned versions, unless it is your only option.

Complete the Daily Missions

Every day you are given a set of three missions to complete. These range from killing specific baddies to using certain weapons. Completing a mission will reward you with a hefty amount of money, and one of the missions will even reward you with gems.

Daily missions are probably the only reliable way to earn large amounts of money within a reasonable time frame, so it is important that you complete them every day.

That’s all for our guide on Rage Road! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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