Mini Motor Racing WRT, the sequel to the first Mini Motor Racing, is going to be released in a little more than a week on the App Store.

Mini Motor Racing WRT is a unique racing game combining features taken from different games that make the overall experience deeper than what it may look like at first glance. The game developed by The Binary Mill also includes over 30 tracks, several play modes, including multiplayer and more so there will be plenty to do in it.


The more interesting play mode of Mini Motor Racing WRT is the career mode, which features some interesting role playing games mechanics that will force gamers to earn money and upgrade their vehicles.

To celebrate the announcement of the game’s release date, the price of the original Mini Motor Racing has been reduced, allowing players to purchase the game for only $0.99.

Mini Motor Racing WRT seems to be the perfect racing game to play on the go thanks to its easy to pick up and play experience. The game also has some strong “Micro Machines” vibes, so make sure to check it out if you have grown up playing with some of these toy machines.

Mini Motor Racing WRT will be released on the App Store on December 11th as a free to play game.




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