Rabbids Crazy Rush Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The Rabbids are back with another crazy plan! This time, they’re shooting for the moon… literally! Rabbids Crazy Rush is a wacky endless runner starring the crazy rabbids every knows and loves. You’ll run and jump through levels full of obstacles all the while utilizing goofy power ups like magnet carts, gliders, and more! Let’s get the rabbids on the moon with the help of our Rabbids Crazy Rush cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Rabbids Crazy Rush is a simple and fun endless runner with a lot of humor to go around. So let’s get started with our Rabbids Crazy Rush tips and tricks guide!

1. Complete the special maps!

You will unlock Special Maps after you complete the seventh main level. Special maps are basically time-limited event maps. Unlike the regular mode, you have a traditional lives system in the special maps. During a special map level, you’ll be forced to use a new special suit! If you can manage to beat all ten levels in the special map, the suit is yours to keep. Be sure to complete the special map before it expires!

2. Always go for three stars!

You only need one star to unlock the next level, but we recommend always shooting for gold! If you get all three stars on a level you’ll receive a free plunger, which is essentially the premium currency of this game. Yes, you read that right. A plunger! Plungers can be spent to revive your rabbid on the spot or rent daily suits for a couple hours. Additionally

3. Use the Glider Magnet!

The game doesn’t tell you this, but when you have the Glider power up active, it actually doubles as a magnet cart. Try it when you see all three lanes covered in pepper cans! Jump and activate your glider and you’ll pull in all nearby peppers cans, no matter the lanes they’re in.

4. Try the Laundry Coin levels for easy coins!

Looking for more suit pieces but you’re out of pepper cans? Try playing the laundry coin levels to get them easy. The first laundry coin level you’ll reach is level 20. In these levels, your goal for all three stars is to get a certain amount of laundry coins. That means that laundry coins will spawn way more frequently than they do in other levels. Replay these a lot for easy money!

5. Bring the right suit for the occasion!

Suits are categorized into three different types: Destroyer, Jumper, and Bling-Bling. The Destroyer ability lets you destroy objects by crashing into them, Jumper lets you double jump, and Bling-Bling lets you collect double cans for a short period of time. Both the destroyer and jumper abilities can save your life in a pinch, but the bling-bling one is suited more for pepper can farming.

Additionally, suit have four different rarities: common, advanced, rare, and epic. The higher the rarity, the longer the suit’s special ability lasts and the shorter the cooldown. With that said, don’t sweat if you have a lower rarity suit. You can spend pepper cans to level up suits – this will also lower the cooldown and increase the duration.

That’s all for Rabbids Crazy Rush! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Rabbids Crazy Rush Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I am having problems with collecting laundry tokens – my rabbid runs over them but just won’t pick them up. It’s very frustrating!! Any ideas?


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