Quest Town Saga Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies and Level Up Fast

In today’s article we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the amazing Quest Town Saga game, and share all of our Quest Town Saga tips and cheats with you to know exactly how to pass the stages and get some pretty neat equipment and fellas!

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I have to admit that I am quite the pixel art fan, and also love RPGs, so if you can relate, then all I can say is that we found ourselves the perfect game!

Here you will find everything you need to know in order to gear up well, find a few good Monsters to accompany you and journey with them to explore the (not so) little world of Quest Town Saga.

So, if you are ready, so am I! Let’s dive right into the Quest Town Saga tips and tricks

Choose your starting class well

Right when you are starting off the game, you can choose between a few classes, each with their own specialization. I can’t really say that one is much better than other, so if you are used to RPGs you might already know what you want to play. But if you are uncertain, here’s what each class is specialized in:

Warrior: A fairly balanced class, who wields a sword and can counter-attack.

Pirate: Arrrr!… well, it is quite an unexpected class, but it does hit hard. The Pirates wield an ax and they specialize in strong attacks. 

Thief: This class can be quite (very!) agile and can sometimes discover treasures while questing. They wield a bow and arrow, so watch out!

Knight: They are the beefy tanks of the game, able to withstand a hit or two, and they hold mighty spears to attack the enemies!

Wizard: They have a unique ability which makes items 50% more effective. They use scythes as weapons and attack using magic spells. Can be quite deadly!

Cleric: Now that we’ve had knights and wizards, we must have some priests too, right? The Clerics are the supportive class, who use their magic staves to cure their allies and improve the range of restorative magic. 

Monster Tamer: A quite unique class, which can summon two monsters at once. They power up their pets (monsters) and use mainly them to do the fighting. As odd as that sounds, they use pistols, so I guess we now know the reason why the monsters fear them so much as to become their pets.

Learn the mechanics and play style ASAP

Since you won’t really do much in the early stages of the game, you should focus on learning everything that you can and getting used to the controls. You might find it a little difficult at first, because it might seem easier if the game went into a combat mode once you encountered an enemy, but instead you have to fight them right there on the same screen.

I found this to be a little challenging at start, since I would’ve liked it to be more battle-engaging, but soon I discovered that I was wrong, and this could be quite fun! If you aren’t used to it too at first you might find it odd, but worry not! 

In this game you can basically control everything that your hero does in the combat mode, and that includes running away from enemies (even if they are cute little bunnies). So I suggest that you start early in the game, after following the tutorials, to just get used to the controls.

This will help you get used to the game – and when you reach the tougher enemies, you will know exactly how to move when fighting them! 

Explore your surroundings and discover the treasures

I love this feature, as it does’t tie you up to a single route, and instead you can walk around the area, explore as much as you like (or as little as you like) and fight monsters – or avoid them. 

I suggest that you explore as much as possible, because there might be some treasures hidden away from the main path. So once you have gone into the stage, you should look for the completion area, and once you’ve found it – don’t go in just yet!

What you should do instead is look around the map for treasures and all kinds of encounters, because it will add up to your EXP and loot. 

Stock up after a town visit

Whenever you visit the town, you can walk around and explore all the buildings. Once you do that – or after you’ve done that, you can head on to the item shop and stock up on potions. Really, you should do that because it will help you whenever you fight. 

If for example you are fighting a big bad boss, you might need to use a potion or two. Well, if you don’t have any, you might die and that’s not the goal here. Potions aren’t expensive, and if you think they are, then you haven’t explored the  maps enough! 

If you happen to fight some enemies that inflict ailments on you or your team, buying a couple of “Cure Status Ailments” is also going to be a great addition, because it doesn’t only apply to you, but to your allies as well.

And if you get lost often – there’s a Compass for that. Buy it and let it guide your way through!

Visit the Pumpkin Shop for some goodies

Whether you want to expand your bag or buy extra hearts, auto recovery items or whatnot, you can visit the Pumpkin Shop and you will have access to all the unique goodies there. I suggest that you pay a visit early on in the game, just so you can have an overall general idea what you can acquire from here. 

A few extra Quest Town Saga tips and tricks:

– If you want to change your look because you got bored or simply haven’t made the right choice when starting the game, you can do so with Friend Points. There are quite a lot of options, just head on to the Apparel Shop.

– Take a look at the Quest Log in the bottom right corner whenever you are in town. The Bonus Quests are available on certain days only, so if you see one and can do it, by all means go and do it!

– Log in every single day for some cool log in rewards which you will find very useful! Especially the tickets and the surprises on day 5 and 10!

– Buy an Armor from the armorer’s shop. When you start the game, you don’t have any equipped, so if you want to survive better, buy one! It’s cheap anyways!

– Purchase the bag expansions. They will help you all throughout the game if you like to collect all the things so it is pretty useful! 

These would be all of our Quest Town Saga tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you want to share your ID to make more friends and collect those Friendship Points? Make sure you do so here in the comments section! Also, if you have some other ideas, tips and suggestions, share them with us! 

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Quest Town Saga Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies and Level Up Fast

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