PvPets: Tank Battle Royale Cheats: Tips & Guide to Take down All Enemies

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the PvPets: Tank Battle Royale tips and cheats to help you battle the enemies easier and get better at the game in just a couple of minutes!

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Since this is a battle royale game, the purpose will be to be the last man standing and take down all the other players as quickly as possible, and preferably before they take you down! But don’t worry – you came to the right place to learn all the best battle tips, so you can get better quickly!

So let’s not waste another second and dive right into the PvPets: Tank Battle Royale tips and tricks right here below and become the best pet tank master!

Get to know your surroundings!

It is super important to know how the game works and master the basics so that you can easily win the battles and not worry about anything later on in the game. So since we are going to go over everything basic that you need to know, make sure that you keep these in mind because this is what will help you rank up!

– You will often see on the ground several types of items, and this is what they can be: Normal Ammo, Health Packs, Super Ammo and EXP. Always pick them up when you see them because they will come in handy more than you think.

– The arena will continuously decrease in size, so you should always be with your eyes on the timer and stay away from the red zone because that will slowly kill you. The timer shows when the arena will decrease in size, so try to be out of the danger zone when that happens.

– Your ammo is limited, so try to always pick up more when you see it on the ground.

– The various items which spawn on the ground will usually re-spawn after some time, so if you are in an area with lots of EXP, try to camp it because it will re-spawn the same amount of EXP and other items over time.

– When you kill a player, it will drop all of the EXP they picked up as well as the Ammo, Special Ammo and Health Packs which they picked all throughout the battle. So if you kill a high level player, they will drop a ton of EXP as well as other goods.

Change your Player Name!

Of course this should go without saying, but you should do it as soon as you get into the game, because it will help you identify yourself when you have killed a player during the battles. So go ahead and change your name, because when you will take down someone in during the battles it will show your name and that way you’ll know how many take downs you have.

Connect to Facebook to get free T-Bucks

Are you a f2p player? Well then, you will probably want some easy free T-Bucks to unlock a new powerful tank or skin! If that is the case, then all you have to do is connect your game to your Facebook account so that you can get 30 free T-Bucks!

To do this, all you have to do is head on to the Settings menu (tap on the cog icon) -> tap on the blue button Connect and connect to your Facebook account! This will instantly give you 30 free T-Bucks and it’s definitely worth it because it only takes a second!

Complete your Daily and Weekly Missions!

The Daily and Weekly missions are super useful and they will reward you with a lot of EXP which is going to level you up quickly. You can find the missions in the left side of the screen, the very bottom option. There, you will first see your Daily Missions, and underneath them, your Weekly Missions.

The Daily Missions you should make sure that you complete every single day before they reset, because they are not hard at all and they will be available every single day. Now for the Weekly Missions, I myself found them to be just as easy to complete in one day like the Daily Missions, but if you can’t then don’t worry – just try to complete the Weekly Missions within the week because those will reset as well.

The rewards are definitely worth it, so I suggest that you always read the missions and try to complete them when they are available because you will see that they will help you climb the rank ladder by upgrading your level and giving you more EXP!

Unlock more Tanks

You will be able to unlock more tanks by upgrading your rank (getting more Trophies – more about this below) and opening various chests. These tanks that you unlock later on in the game are better than the ones unlocked earlier, so I suggest that you try to rank up as much as possible.

Check out all the tanks available in the game by heading on to the Tanks tab in the left side of the screen and there you can see their stats. I suggest that you choose one which you like and fits your play style, but also which has pretty high stats because you want to take down the enemies quickly!

Save your T-Bucks and buy chests!

There are three types of chests which you can purchase in the Shop, and all of them contain different items at different rates. Those do not require Keys to unlock and they contain more Blueprints and Coins, so it’s definitely worth investing in them. Here they are:

Big Chest: Costs 60 T-Bucks and it contains 20-60 Coins (Guaranteed), Common Tanks 2-6 (Guaranteed) and a chance to get 2 random draws, each with a chance to give you a Rare Tank (50% chance), Epic Tank (6% chance) or Legendary Tank (0.8% chance).

Huge Chest: Costs 250 T-Bucks and it contains 100-300 Coins (Guaranteed), Common Tanks 10-30 (Guaranteed) and a chance to get 10 random draws, each with a chance to give you a Rare Tank (50% chance), Epic Tank (6% chance) or Legendary Tank (0.8% chance).

Premium Chest: Costs 350 T-Bucks and it contains 100-300 Coins (Guaranteed), Premium Common Tanks 22-33 (Guaranteed) and a chance to get 10 random draws, each with a chance to give you a Premium Rare Tank (50% chance), Premium Epic Tank (6% chance) or Premium Legendary Tank (0.8% chance).

Keep in mind that if you want to buy the Big and Huge Chests, and be eligible to unlock the tanks, you need to first unlock them from the Path to Glory! That means that if you are Path of Glory and have 500 Trophies, you can not unlock the T-28 Tank and all the other ones beyond that because you are not eligible yet!

Upgrade your Tanks

Now that we have covered how you can unlock more tanks, you should next focus on upgrading them! In order to upgrade a tank all that you really need is to have plenty of Blueprints, and enough Coins to pay for the upgrade.

If you want to see how many Blueprints you have for a certain tank, then all you have to do is tap and select the tank that you want to check, and then on the left side where the tank will appear, you will see underneath the Trophies the number of Blueprints for that tank.

My suggestion: In my opinion it is better to only focus on one tank which you will play with in the early game, and upgrade that one and then once you have collected enough T-Bucks, buy a Premium Chest and try to unlock one of the better tanks and invest all of your currency there.

Earn more Trophies and rank up

In order to win more Trophies it would be ideal to play more and end up on the first place, because it will reward you with more Trophies. However, not only the first place rewards you with Trophies, so keep playing! Even if you are not the last man standing, you will still earn Trophies which help you unlock more rewards.

You can see your progress if you head on to the Play tab -> Path to Glory and there you will have certain milestones for how many trophies you earn. Keep on playing to unlock more tanks and other useful rewards!

Get your Free Chests in the Shop!

In the Shop tab you will see a section called Free Chests. There, you will have three offers daily / weekly which you can and should claim! The first one will give you free T-Bucks by watching an ad, so I suggest that you do that as many times as you can and want because for f2p players it’s a certain way to get free T-Bucks!

The second option is a daily War Chest which gives you good rewards so definitely watch an ad to unlock that. The last one is the Free Premium Chest, and that one is available every 7 days so definitely claim it whenever it is available because you can get premium tanks!

Also in the Shop, if you scroll down to the Daily Deals, you will see the first option gives you every day something for free so claim it daily!

Watch an ad to earn Bonus Keys and unlock War Chests!

War Chests can be opened by saving up Keys from battles and they each require a lot of Keys to open, so I suggest that you watch an ad to earn some Bonus Keys! You will see the option in the bottom right side underneath the Play button and this option will let you watch an ad to get some 10 Keys bonus!

To benefit from those you will need to play a game because those will counter once the game is over! You might also need to watch another ad then, but early game they are definitely worth it because every reward that you get will help.

Watch an ad to get free EXP and level up fast

After the battles you will see an option to watch an ad and claim some free EXP. This is useful if you want to level up fast, but if you don’t really care about that then don’t bother with it. I would recommend it because in order to get better, leveling will help!

Always be on the move

While you are fighting you should never be a sitting duck because that will make it easier for the enemies to target you and take you down quickly. And if the enemies will not get to you, then the arena getting smaller will definitely do!

So I suggest that you are not a target dummy and instead move around and collect all the stuff which you see in the arena, and always try to move and attack the enemies!

Don’t forget to check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our PvPets: Tank Battle Royale tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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PvPets: Tank Battle Royale Cheats: Tips & Guide to Take down All Enemies

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